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Steven Michael Burns Net Worth and Biography

Steven Michael Burns Net Worth
Real NameSteven Michael Burns
DOBOctober 9, 1973
ProfessionTV Host, Actor, Musician
Birth PlaceBoyertown, Pennsylvania, U. S.
Martial StatusSingle
Height5′ 7″
Official Instagram Account@steveburnsalive
Net Worth$12 Million

Gaining popularity in today’s world is not as hard as earlier; all thanks go to the media. Amongst the long list of celebrities, Steven Michael Burns is the one we will be talking about in our blog today. Steven Michael Burns is a famous musician, actor, and TV host from the USA. Below, we have covered everything about kids’ favorite celebrity.

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Steven Micheal Burns was born on 9th October 1973 in the United States of America. He is a popular singer, TV host, guitarist, and musician. He is most popularly known for his role as the original host in the popular Nickelodeon program “Blue’s Clues,” a popular children’s Tv show from 1996 to 2002.

As of the year 2022, Steve Burns is 48 years old. His height is measured to be 5 feet and 6 inches which is 168cm. His weight is 70kg or 154 lbs.
Steve had been nominated for Daytime Emmy in 2002 for his Blue’s Clues hosting. He had recently shared a video thanking his audience for appreciating his work. This video quickly became viral.

Early Life of Steve Burns

Steve Burns was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, the USA, on the 9th of October in 1973. His parents were Joseph and Janet burns. He had grown up with his father, Joseph, mother Janet, and elder sisters Karen and Jennifer. For studying, he had attended Boyertown area senior high school and came out as a graduate in 1992. From his university in Pennsylvania, he had earned a scholarship in acting as well.

Steve had shown keen interest in music from the very starting days. He used to be a part of the musical band Sudden Impact US, Nine Pound Truck, and the Ivys. It was only later that Steven became interested in acting. He then joined DeSales University to study theater. Nevertheless, in the middle of his study, he left then shifted to New York to start his career as a professional actor.

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Personal Life

Steve Burns has not revealed much about his personal life or current relationship status. However, it is clear that he is still unmarried, but not sure whether he had been married earlier or not. Moreover, even if he isn’t married, no information is available. Also, no one knows whether he has had a girlfriend earlier. There is also no information about whether Steven Michael Burns has any kids.

We have tried to dig and search for some personal information on his Instagram account, but he hasn’t posted much that could help. His official account on Instagram is “@steveburnsalive” and has around 307K followers. He recently posted a video about the 25th anniversary of his famous Tv show “Blue’s clues.” In this video, he had clarified his character after leaving Blue’s Clues.

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Steven Michael Burns; Professional Career

When he was living in a basement apartment near Times square, Steven Burns had worked as a voice-over artist for several ads. Later, he had taken some acting roles in TV series including “Homicide; life on the street” and “law and order.” In 1995, Steve had given an audition for the Tv show “Blue’s Clues”, which he had thought was a type of voice-over role.

While he wasn’t able to impress the Nickelodeon team on the first try, after auditioning 100 people, he had been chosen. This show had become an instant hit because of his performance in the show. Steven Michael Burns had worked for this popular series for six years, from 1996 to 2002.

He had also been involved in the show’s production, and after hosting 100 episodes, he had given retirement in 2002 as a host.

Steven Michael Burns mentioned that he hadn’t wanted to be a children’s host, yet he stayed with this show for quite a while. After his retirement, Donovan Patton had replaced him as the show host.

After he departed from Blue’s Clues, Steven continued his musical career on his first album for almost 2 and a half years. He finally gave his debut album on 12th August 2003 named “Songs for Dustmites.” Later, he created a musical band, “Steven Burns” and “the Struggle.” In 2009, he released “Deep Sea Recovery Efforts,” his second album.

Steven had also appeared in some movies, taking part in the horror-comedy film “Netherbeast Incorporated” in 2007. In 2008, he took part in “Christmas on Mars.” In the YouTube series “The Professionals” in 2012, he also participated.


Steven Michael Burns had made a massive impact in the voice-over artist field and played an important role as an actor. Yet, he hadn’t received as many awards in his lifetime. He had been nominated for the “outstanding performer in a children’s series” in 2001 and got nominated for “Blue’s Clues.” In 2020, he had also received a nomination for the outstanding preschool children’s series for “Blues Clues & You.”

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Steve Burns Net Worth

As per the year 2022, Steve from blue’s clues net worth is estimated to be $12 million. This, he had gathered from his appearance in different movies and TV shows. It is also believed that his music career could’ve also contributed to his net worth.
Fun Facts
In the earlier days of his life, Steven Michael Burns had been in a lot of hardship when he lived in the basement apartment near Times Square.
His first success in his career was in various advertisements and not in acting. It was only later that he emerged as a successful actor.
It is known that Steven had later shifted to Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

FAQs about Steven Michael Burns

How much did Steve from blue’s clues make per episode?

Steve Burns is a famous American actor, writer, musician, and director. With his appearance in the popular Tv show Blue’s Clues, he is estimated to have earned around $5 million from 1996 to 2002.

How old is Steve from blues clues?

As of 2022, Steve from Blues Clues is 48 years old. He was born on the 9th of October 1973 in the USA. He had worked for the Tv show Blue’s Clues for 6 years from 1996 to 2002, after which he retired.

Is Steve Burns still alive?

Contrary to what the rumors have to say, Steve burns in still alive. While there had been rumors that the reason for leaving the show was that he had died in a car crash, or as others have it, because of a heroin overdose, Steve mentioned that the rumors had been false.

Are Steve Michael from the TV show Blue’s Clues rich?

Yes. Steve Burns is known to have a net worth of around $12 million. He had been famous for being the host of “Blue’s Clues.” After leaving the show, he had also set his career as a musician, adding money to his net worth.

What are some of the Steve Burns movies and tv shows?

Steve Burns has played a role in different movies and TV shows, including Blue’s Clues, Blue’s Clues and You!, Figure it out, Roll play, The professionals, Yes, Dear, Yo Gabba Gabba, Young Sheldon, and many more.

Where is Steve Michael Burns now?

Steve now lives in Brooklyn and has a dog, Mickey. After leaving his career with Blue’s Clues, Steve started a new chapter of his life that focused on his music career.

Did Steve Micheal Burns from Blue’s Clues attend college?

Yes. Steve Micheal Burns had attended DeSales University in Pennsylvania, where he studied theater. But he had left college mid-way and shifted to New York to start his professional acting career.

Where does Steve Burns reside?

It is known that Steve Burns resides in three different houses. He shifts between these three places from time to time. So, currently, he goes to New Delhi, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and New York.