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Michael k Williams net worth – Biography and Life Events

Michael k. Williams
Real NameMichael Kenneth Williams
Professional NameMichael k. Williams
Net worth$5 Million
Early ProfessionDancer
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1966
Relationship StatusSingle
CountryUnited States of America
Parents FromSouth Carolina, The Bahamas
DiedSeptember 6, 2021

Michael k. Williams was a fifty-four-year-old American actor. He got fame as Omar Little in the famous HBO series at the start of the 21st century. According to the latest statistics, his net worth is $5 Million as per year 2022. Due to his dedication to the profession, he had recognized himself as the best actor in Hollywood. The famous American rapper-singer Tupac Shakur was the one who introduced Michael to the television industry.

The investigations have revealed that he died due to a drugs overdose and was found dead in his apartment in September 2021. His fans want to discover facts about him; therefore, this blog will cover all aspects of his life, including personal life, net worth, children, and family.

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Early Life

Michael K. Williams birth was in the New York city in late November 1966. His mother and father were from the Bahamas, and South Carolina, respectively. He was a keen dancer from childhood, and therefore, started his career as a dancer at the school level. He worked with Kym Sims George Michael (famous singers at that time) and performed on choreographic music songs and videos.

Michael K. Williams Education

Before starting his career, he got primary education from George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School. Michael also studied in National Black Theater to pursue his professional career.

Michael K. Williams Height and Physical Appearance

Michael had a height of 5.10 feet with 76 kg or 165.5 lbs weight. His height complemented his weight perfectly. Overall, he was a handsome and good-looking man.

Michael K. Williams Net Worth 2022 & Career

As he was associated with the medical field, he worked in Pfizer pharmaceuticals. But later one. Realizing his talent, he decided to continue his life as a dancer. He was jobless, penniless, and spent many months without having a house. After a continuous struggle, he finally got a few opportunities to perform as a background dancer, which helped him appear in the music videos.

Madonna and George Michael also worked with Michael Williams and appreciated his work. For the famous song, 100% Pure Love, he danced well. Gradually, many stars recognized his talent, and Michael got the opportunity to work with celebrities. He worked well as Omar Little in the famous HBO series. Williams went for the audition and was selected with a single attempt. The famous character Omar Little was just for the first seven episodes.

During this period, he got positive and negative feedback from the audience. He was in the limelight when Senator Barack Obama praised his work. Six Degrees was another success story in Williams’s life. At the time of his death, Michael K. Williams net worth was about five million dollars. He never publicly showed off his salary or income because he was a nice and simple person.

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Michael K. Williams Family & Relationships

His personal life was limited, and he never talked much about it. There were many rumors that Williams had many girlfriends and relationships. Tasha Smith was his girlfriend at the time of his death. Their relationship started in 2018 which was not disclosed until 2019.  Therefore, Michael K. Williams had no children until he had a son named Elijah Williams from one of his girlfriends.

Charity Works

He was also the premium member of the American Civil Liberties Union celebrity ambassador, which works for small campaigns in favor of justice and peace. Also, he worked on various welfare projects, including making kids Win. The central theme of that organization is to build safe and sound places for children to play, get an education and live a healthy way.

Michael K. Williams Life Events

He wanted to join dance classes from his early life, so he joined a theater to learn this profession. He was inspired by the famous song Rhythm Nation 1814, which led to his leaving his school education.

Many fans also want to know how Michael K. Williams got his scar. At the age of 25, he got involved in a fight and got scars on his face. That became an identification on his casting to acting as a villain in the movies and songs. In 1994, he Performed a fabulous dance on single 100% Pure Love and got appreciation from fans. After that, he started evolving in the industry and made his name as the best artist.

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Many actors, singers, and famous artists invited him to perform in their songs and movies as the main character. He also worked in a well-known film, Mugshot, and got recognition in this regard. From the late 90s to 2004, he joined many platforms like TV shows and movies.

Success is never easy, and Williams faced anxiety, depression, and terrible days during his career. After a significant role in the HBO television series, he got appreciation as an actor. Another achievement in life is a critical role in HBO drama Boardwalk Empire, telecasted on the platform from 2010 to 2014. He also got many awards, but two were particularly important, the SAG Awards and the NAACP.

His last TV series was Lovecraft Country in 2020; he died at 54. He also worked as a professor in the famous Greendale Community College. He also had terrible relations with Boardwalk Empire that prevented him from working for a long time.

Michael K. Williams Wife: Was He Married?

No, Michael K. Williams has not married anyone, but he has been in many relationships during his career. Tasha Smith was close to him when he died in 2021. His girlfriend Tasha Smith posted on Instagram about their relationship, but Williams never publicly talked about it. Tasha Smith was married in the past and had relationships with some renowned actors and artists. But she unveiled a public announcement that Tasha Smith relationship with Michael k. Williams was since 2018. Therefore, Williams had never married anyone.

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Achievements and Awards

Although he was prayed on many occasions and secured many lifetime awards in different categories, the first significant award he was nominated for was from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 2007 due to his performance in The Wire as an Omar little.

In 2009, he secured another firm nomination for Gotham Award for his colleagues in Life During Wartime film. The main cast of the Drama series ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and Michael won the screen award for a fantastic performance. He also secured another name in the same award in 2012.

His last award was Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor om 2016. Still, he got several other awards like the Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award in 2015.

Williams never talked about his achievements and success in life because he had faced several difficulties in his career. The public and fans don’t know much about his personal life and family because of his private nature. Michael k. Williams was an American dancer and actor who worked in many series, films, television dramas and successfully showed his excellent skills on every platform.