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Melissa Roxburgh Net Worth, Biography, Love Life, and Career

Melissa Roxburgh Net Worth
Full NameMelissa Roxburgh
NationalityCanadian, American
Date of Birth10 December 1992
Age28 (turning 29 in 2022)
Height1.65 meters or 5 feet 5 inches
Place of BirthVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Weight121lbs (55 kg)
Waist Measurement25 inches
Hip Measurement33 inches
Body typeBanana
Hair ColorBlonde (currently dyed)
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth$6 Million

Melissa Roxburgh is a Canadian actress who is widely known for her role in the show Diary of a Wimpy kid: Dog Days. She has played a lot of minors, captivating roles in movies as well as appeared in TV Shows, thus rising to stardom. This emerging talent is well-loved by many, raising the curiosity to know the gorgeous actress. This article will tell all details about the famous actress Melissa Roxburgh that one wishes to know.

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Melissa Roxburgh Biography

Melissa Roxburgh was born on 10th December 1992 in Vancouver, Canada. However, as her father is from Chicago, she is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Many details are unknown regarding her family as she has been very private about matters like these. Melissa is a very talented actress and has done a lot of TV shows and movies.

Physical Appearance

Melissa Roxburgh is a very beautiful-looking lady who looks much younger than her age. She has an attractive smile and beautiful dyed blonde hair. She has a slim body while also having a curvy figure. She has a good height of 5 feet and 5 inches while being at the ideal weight of 55 kg. Her mesmerizing blue eyes give her a mysterious yet amazing look. Melissa Roxburgh eyebrows are thick and in the perfect trendy shape; thus, according to her fans, she is her most attractive feature.

Early Life

Melissa Roxburgh, of Scottish Irish descent, has a Canadian Nationality. She grew up in an excellent loving household and received a quality education. Her parents, Shelley and Mark Roxburgh, have three other children, Kristie, Ashley, and Matt, with whom Melissa grew up.

Melissa was given to her due to the middle name of her mother. Her childhood was spent in Canada; the family moved there once Melissa was two years old. There she did her schooling and decided that she wanted to pursue acting. Melissa was born and raised a christen, thus growing up in a practicing christen household. Melissa Roxburgh is a well-educated and accomplished actress, having completed her education in Canada. She finished her early schooling at a local high school in British Columbia, Canada. She went to the prestigious Simon Fraser University, also located in British Columbia, for higher education. However, after education, she pursued her dreams of becoming an actress.

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Family History

Melissa Roxburgh has a white ethnicity; her father is from Chicago; thus, Melissa has both a Canadian as well as American nationality. She has three other siblings; she is the second oldest; she grew up noticeably with her brother Matt. Her father is a pastor by profession and had founded a church in Vancouver, while her mother was a former tennis player.

We do not know much about Melissa Roxburgh’s siblings other than the fact that her younger sister is very keen to venture into the world of acting while taking the advice and help of her experienced sister, no other attributes are known as Melissa mostly keeps her family personal and away from the public eye. However, it is known that her family initially did not want Melissa to pursue acting and advised her against it. They forced her to complete high school, after which she chose to pursue her dreams.

Melissa Roxburgh Personal Life

Melissa Roxburgh is known to keep her personal life private. However, some information is known regarding her relationships and hobbies, etc.

It is rumored that Melissa Roxburgh boyfriend is her co-actor, JR. Ramirez from Manifest since 2019.

JR Ramirez is a Cuban-American actor who plays the role of detective Jared Vasquez in the show Manifest. Other than this, it is also rumored that Melissa Roxburgh hooked up with Andrew Jenkins, a Canadian actor, and a screenwriter.

Melissa loves to see tennis matches as well as play the sport. Other than this, her hobbies include snowboarding and listening to music. She loves chicken wings and seafood. She likes to watch walking dead and American horror stories in movies and TV shows. Her favorite movies are Singing in the rain and Collider. Her top Netflix recommendations are Parks and Rec, Black Mirror season 1, and her own show Manifest.

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Social Media Activity

Melissa Roxburgh looks to be a private person, and she does have social media, which is extremely crucial in this day and age. She is found to be on Twitter and Instagram.

Melissa Roxburgh Instagram handle is @mroxburgh. She uploads updates about her life and traveling and encourages followers to support her by watching her current TV show, Manifest. Along with this, she also is vocal about any social cause she is passionate about.

Melissa Roxburgh’s Twitter is @melissaroxburgh. She shares viewpoints and retweets tweets from fans or other things catching her interest.

Melissa Roxburgh Acting Career

Melissa Roxburgh started to pursue her acting career after graduating from high school. She played her first significant character as Rachel Lewis in Diary of a Wimpy kid: Rodrick rules. She also played a role in the sequel Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days; however, she got a different character. After Wimpy kid, she starred in the role of a princess in Big Time Movie in 2012; this was a top-rated movie due to the well-loved show big time rush on Nickelodeon. She also starred as Blake for a short while in the show Arrow.

After this, she played the role of Talia in the TV show The Tomorrow People. She played the role of Violet in Supernatural: Bloodlines during the same time. In Origins 2014, she played the role of Jeni.

The following year in 2015, she starred in the role of Olivia in The Marine 4. While playing Carly in Sorority Murder.

She played Ensign in Star Trek Beyond in 2016. While also playing the role of Leora the same year in the movie To be or to Not to be. She played the role of Betty Seaver in the legends of tomorrow. In the movie Lost Solace she played the role of Azaria.

In 2017 she played the role of Carie in the episode of Legends of Tomorrow. While also playing Thea in the TV show Valor.

In 2018 she played the role of Maya Matheson in In God I Trust while also playing the role of Heather in the movie Still I Believed in 2020.

The movie that made Melissa Roxburgh famous undoubtedly has to be Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, Manifest played a significant part in making her a famous actress. The show started in 2018 and has been ongoing since then. She played the role of Michaela Stone in the show.

Due to all her achievements, Melissa Roxburgh looks like she is delighted and content with her work whenever seen on social media, in interviews, or other places.

All TV shows and movies starring Melissa Roxburgh.

  • Meridiem
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Rita
  • To be or Not to be. 2016
  • In the God I trust. 2018
  • The Tomorrow People. 2013
  • Lost Solace. 2016
  • Sorority Murder
  • Moving Target
  • 2005-2020
  • Big Time Movie. 2012
  • 2017
  • Legends of Tomorrow. 2016
  • Leprechaun: Origins. 2014
  • Star Trek Beyond. 2016
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. 2011
  • Supernatural: Bloodlines. 2014
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. 2012
  • The Marine 4: Moving Target. 2015
  • I still believe. 2020
  • 2018- ongoing

Melissa Roxburgh Net Worth

Melissa Roxburgh’s estimated monthly income is about 80k -85k US dollars, while her net worth is approximately $4million to $6million.

Apart from having a generous salary and Melissa Roxburgh net worth, she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle as a famous emerging actress. She travels a lot, which is often updated through social media posts; other than that, she owns a very luxurious car as well as a big luxurious house.

Amazing Facts about Melissa Roxburgh

Once anyone watches Melissa Roxburgh movies and TV shows, she instantly becomes their favorite. Once becoming a favorite, people wanted to know more and more about her. However, Melissa Roxburgh is known for keeping things to herself. Many people do not know these amazing facts. You will end up liking her even more.

  1. Fired due to fake accent: Melissa once revealed that once on a production shoot, she couldn’t master the Russian accent in a game of never have I ever, thus resulting in her getting fired. This fact cracks us up as this is the last reason anyone thinks of when someone gets fired from their job!
  2. Wanted to know how her show would end: Melissa Roxburgh, just like us, was eager and impatient to know what would be the end of Manifest. She was curious due to the many mysteries that the show had. Upon inquiring with the makers, she could not get the answers to her queries as the makers are very tight-lipped regarding these matters. So if you can’t guess the end of the show, don’t get disappointed as Melissa Roxburgh also does not know what will happen.
  3. Dual Citizenship: Many people are not aware that the talented actress Melissa Roxburgh has a Dual Citizenship. Many say she has American nationality, while some are confused if she has Canadian nationality. Although Melissa Roxburgh was born in Canada, her father was from Chicago; thus, she has dual citizenship. When she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting, she had no problem regarding documentation due to her dual citizenship.
  4. Love to play tennis: You may have heard the famous saying ‘it runs in the blood. This is precisely the case here! As her mother was also a tennis player, Mellissa loves to play and watch tennis matches occasionally.
  5. She is an avid supporter of the International Rescue Committee: If you don’t like Melissa Roxburgh, this amazing fact will result in you falling in love with her immediately. Melissa is very vocal about this organization responsible for helping people in third-world countries recover from natural disasters or wars. She is so passionate about the work that she is considered one of the organization’s highest supporters.

Final Words

Melissa Roxburgh is a talented actress who has risen to fame through hard work and dedication. We have covered all the information we could get in this article regarding our favorite actress Melissa Roxburgh. If you want to watch something starring Melissa Roxburgh, her latest show, Manifest, is a personal favorite!


Who is dating Melissa Roxburgh?

It is rumored that JR Ramirez is dating her.

Is Melissa Roxburgh husband Andrew Jenkins?

Melissa Roxburgh’s current marital status is single, according to our sources. She has been rumored to have dated the actor for a brief time but is not married.

Were Melissa Roxburgh legend of tomorrow cast?

Melissa Roxburgh plays the role of Betty Seaver in legends of tomorrow.

How many Instagram followers does Melissa Roxburgh have?

She currently has 480K Instagram followers.

What is the most recent show of Melissa Roxburgh?

Melissa Roxburgh is presently appearing in the show Manifest.