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Keemokazi Net Worth – Biography, Family, Love Life of TikTok Star

keemokazi net worth
Screen NameKeemokazi
Real NameKareem Hesri
Date of BirthNovember 29, 2002
Relationship StatusSingle
Height5 feet 9 Inch
ProfessionTIkTok Star
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
TikTok Username@keemokazi
TikTok Followers27 Million (May 2022)
Sisters NamesSophie, Sara, Serine, Saby, Sema
Net Worth$5 Millions

Keemokazi is an American social media star. His real name is Kareem Hesri. He is currently 20 years old (as of 2022) and was born on 29 November 2002 in California, USA. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He is famous for many things, including singing, rapping, entertaining YouTube videos, etc. Hesri finished his high school education at a small private school in his area, according to our sources. He then turned his attention to his musical profession. He became quite successful on social media in addition to his music.

His primary accounts can be found on Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram, with a vast audience. He has a whopping number of 27 million followers on TikTok. Most of his content is oriented around funny videos and pranks that his audience loves. He also recently crossed 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube (As of May 2022).

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Family and Background

Keemokazi’s family is very supportive of his efforts, and they can often be seen in the videos along with him, especially his father. Though he was born in America, his family originated from Syria and is Muslim. Kareem is the only son of his parents. He also has five other sisters named as follow

  1. Sophie Hasri
  2. Sara Hasri
  3. Serine Hasri
  4. Saby Hasri
  5. Sema Hasri

His father often appears in his son’s pranks videos, where they have a lot of fun. His mother, on the other hand, Nina Hazem, is like her son, a famous Instagram influencer. His sisters are also famous on Instagram.

Girlfriend and Relationships

Kareem is not a person who much shares details like this on social media. But according to reports, he is currently single, and there have been no past relationship rumors either. As stated earlier, that is expected as he is very private in terms of relationships. However, he doesn’t hesitate to share memories with his family on social media.

Why is Keemokazi Famous?

Kareem is a man of many talents; therefore, a man like this is very expected to be famous. But his primary focus has always been his original music. According to reports in the media, he began his career as a singer. He released several singles on various platforms that were well received. Live gigs and shows are also added to his fame; however, he started this after his music career. He has a personal music studio at home, according to his Instagram, and his favorite musical instrument is the piano. Some of his famous original songs include Rather be me, broken heart, Arab money, and various others.

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Along with his music career, he also has an entertaining page on YouTube where he uploads casual videos linked to his daily life and plays pranks on his family and friends. Recently he has also been doing challenge videos which are a lot of fun as well. Since the arrival of YouTube shorts and his casual videos, he has also been making loads of content for YouTube shorts.
However, his biggest platform remains Tiktok, with more than 27 million followers. The content is also centered on having fun with his family, and millions of people watch his videos.

Keemokazi Net Worth

Keemokazi’s net worth is estimated to be more than $5 million in 2022. He receives money through his acting and singing careers, as well as from YouTube advertising revenue. He also makes substantial money through his internet company and sponsorship arrangements.
Kareem Hesri has a lavish lifestyle. He is a major automotive enthusiast.
On social media, he frequently posts photos of himself holding his cards. He resides in a California luxury house. Kareem Hesri earns a large sum from his profession, including his social media and other activities.

Facts and Information

There are lots of exciting facts about Kareem that you might not know. First, he is an enormous fashion enthusiast, leading him to collaborate with various brands. Fashion Nova is one of the biggest examples of the brands he has endorsed. Along with a massive following on Tiktok, he also has a huge Instagram account that has over 3 million followers. And he first joined Instagram as a public figure in 2017.
He is also a family guy and loves to spend his leisure time with his family as much as possible. Besides this, he is a gamer and loves playing online multiplayer games. The songs that he sings are not only available on YouTube and Tiktok but also other major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. He also loves pets and can be seen posting pictures of his two dogs. Along with this, he also is a fitness freak and loves to spend hours in the gym.


Concluding the whole thing, Kareem is a multi-talented guy who has slowly worked his way to fame. His original music, prank videos, and fun family videos are watched and loved over his Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube accounts. He is also loved by many for his handsome looks and fashion sense. His fitness routine only adds to everything else. With over 27 million on Tiktok, more than 3 million on Instagram, and Over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Keemokazi is undoubtedly a fan favorite and a widely acknowledged social media celebrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is KeemoKazi, and what is his real name?

Keemokazi is a famous social media influencer who makes fun videos with his family while also making content centered around music. His real name is Kareem Hesri.

2. Does Keemokazi have any siblings?

Yes, Keemokazi does have siblings; he is a solo brother of 5 sisters. His sisters are also Instagram celebrities. Their names are Sophie, Sara, Serine, Saby, and Sema Hasri.

3. Why is Keemokazi famous?

Keemokazi is famous for the content that he makes on YouTube and Tiktok. Most of his content is centered around music production and singing, while he also makes pranks and other fun videos with his family and friends.

4. Where does Keemokazi live?

Keemokazi lives in California, United States of America, and resides in a California luxury villa where he spends a lavish lifestyle.

5. What is Keemokazi’s net worth?

Keemokazi’s net worth is reported to be around $5 to 6 million. He earns all his money from his Tiktok, YouTube ads revenue, and brand deals that he very often endorses.

6. Does Keemokazi have a girlfriend?

According to media reports, Keemokazi keeps this stuff very private off the internet; he is currently single and has no girlfriend.

7. Who is Keemokazi’s mother and father?

Keemokazi’s father runs his own business. His name hasn’t been revealed in any of the videos, but he is featured in many of his videos. As for his mother, she is also an Instagram influencer by the name of Nina Hazem.