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DJ Citizen Jane Net worth and Biography

DJ CITIZEN JANE net worth and biography
Full NameDJ Citizen Jane
Real NameMadeline Fernandez
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1974
Girlfriend NameKarren Larrea
Net Worth$1 Million

DJ Citizen Jane is a self-described American disc jockey, musician, songwriter, singer, and music producer.

She is well known across the globe for making the crowds go wild by playing the exact beat needed, whether it is enormous global music festivals, clubs, parties, pride events, or gay bars.

A highly sought-after disc jockey, DJ Citizen Jane is famous for her late transition to her musical career, switching from a surprising career path– a cop. However, DJ Citizen Jane has made it a habit to smash gender barriers anywhere she goes. She has fully stepped into the predominantly male-dominated world of disc jockeying and made her mark.

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DJ Citizen Jane’s Biography

Despite her immense success, DJ Citizen Jane’s Wiki page is yet to come into the realm of existence. Until she receives her well-deserved Wiki page, you can find all the information about her early life, career, personal life, and net worth in this article.

Early Life

DJ Citizen Jane was born on the 22nd of October 1974, in the Miami Beach area of Southern Florida in the United States of America. She grew up in Dade County’s area called Hialeah as a young child, but later she and her family moved to Coral Gables, where she spent the rest of the time till the end of her high school education.

Her real name is Madeline Fernandez. She picked her stage name inspired by her nickname given by her friend when they were young children in grade school. This name was given to her due to her much-praised playground heroics against male classmates and stuck for a long time.

She was born to Cuban parents. The hit DJ is not the only family member to dip their toes into music. Madeline Fernandez’s brother is also a musician. Music has been a part of her father’s side of the family tree, stretching far back to Madeline’s Cuban ancestors.

DJ Citizen Jane was thus surrounded by music as a child. She was whistling radio tunes ideally by the time she was two, a fantastic feat for the young generation. She also pretended to host radio shows and make her mixtapes, giving her an early taste of her future career.

However, DJ Citizen Jane entered the music scene much later in life.

After graduating high school with a diploma, Madeline enrolled at the Florida International University, from which she graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Madeline then chose the men and women in blue as her career path. She joined the police force and served as a detective for ten years.

Career: Music in Her Soul

Before quitting the blue force and completely switching career lines in favor of DJing, DJ Citizen Jane had some experience in the field beforehand. She had played DJ at some clubs and parties to earn the money she needed to pay for her college education.

She also had a self-taught person who plays multiple musical instruments, including Cajon, banjo, guitar, bass, drums, and the piano.

DJ Citizen Jane left a successful career as a police detective in 2012 and shifted her focus to making her music dreams a reality.

She was a part of a folk-rock all-girl band as a singer with whom she released a music video for a Spanish song called “Amor, Expression Y Tu.” The experience helped her develop an idea of the work that went into music-making, like composing and songwriting. After the band broke up, DJ Citizen Jane was invited to appear on a musical reality television show called “Letra y Musica.”

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As a DJ, Madeline Fernandez has performed all over the world. She was the first DJ to headline the Atlanta Pride Festival, playing to a massive crowd of 200,000 listeners. She also played the famous Madison Square Garden Venue for NYC Pride. She has also played headline shows at Calgary Pride, Austin, Texas Pride, Fort Lauderdale Pride, Key West, and Womenfest. She has also played in Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

DJ Citizen Jane was the exclusive DJ for La Santa Cuba; an event organized to support the Coming Out Cuba Foundation. Also, she was the winner of the fan-voted Pink Flamingo Award for Best DJ three years consecutively.

Since 2019, she has turned to her first love of music, singing and writing music. DJ Citizen Jane released a single called “Rescue Me” featuring the Brazilian DJ Tommy Love, part of her debut EP released in 2020. She also released the song “Feels Like Friday in 2020. Another single,” Drunken Kisses,” was released in 2021.

DJ Citizen Jane’s music includes house music and electronic music with Latin influences. Her music influences include bold female artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Her DJ inspiration is the late DJ Peter Rauhofer.

The secret to this talented DJ’s success lies within her ability to read the crowd in a room. Like a musical chameleon, she can play a variety and combinations of house music, EDM, dance music, and Top 40 remixes depending on her audience and the crowd’s mood.

Personal Life

When she is not touring the USA and the rest of the world, DJ Citizen Jane divides time between Los Angeles and Miami. DJ Citizen Jane enjoys her downtime off and on the road. She places great importance on a work-life balance, carving out time to enjoy every new place she visits while touring.

While at home, she enjoys meditation to relax. She also loves spending some quality time with her friends, family, and dog as well as alone in her house or the pool.

DJ Citizen Jane: Girlfriend and Sexuality

She is dating her long-term girlfriend, Karren Larrea. Larrea works as a managing director at MPM Entertainment, Florida, a company she co-founded. Karren is also a single mom.

Madeline greatly admires her girlfriend for her grace while managing her job and children. She also admires her mom, to whom she is extremely close. DJ Citizen Jane’s mother has Alzheimer’s, which the DJ often finds herself worrying about.

DJ Citizen Jane Net worth

Given her status as an internationally recognized disc jockey and the number of tours she performs, DJ Citizen Jane is expected to have many bucks in the bank.

As of 2022, DJ Citizen Jane’s net worth ranges from $700,000 to $1 million.

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FAQs about DJ Citizen

Who is DJ Citizen Jane?

DJ Citizen Jane is a world-famous DJ, singer-songwriter, and music producer. She is in high demand at various shows and circuits all around the globe.

How old is DJ Citizen Jane?

As she was born on October 22, 1974, DJ Citizen Jane’s age is 47 years. She started her career in music at the age of 38 after leaving her job as a detective.

How much is DJ Citizen Jane networth?

Although the exact networth of Madeline Fernandez is not public information, estimates have been made while keeping her various sources of earnings in mind. She is thought to have a net worth of $700,000 to $1 million.

Where was DJ Citizen Jane, a detective?

DJ Citizen Jane worked as a detective in a police department for ten years before joining the music industry. Although her exact precinct is not known, it is assumed she worked somewhere in Miami, South Florida.