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5 Facts About Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth, Biography, Career, and Family

Kimberly Anne Scott

Many of you would have thought about who is Eminem’s wife? Most of the people also would have searched Eminem’s wife picture. So, let us tell you that Kim Mathers is Eminem wife. Before they got married, Kim was Eminem girlfriend. If you want to know all about Kimberly Scott Eminem then continue reading!

Kimberly Anne Scott made the headlines when she married to acclaimed rapper Eminem at the start of his career. The both were living together over the years before marriage. The couple has a daughter named Hailie Jade. But the couple got the separation after two years of their marriage. Kim Mathers twin sister and Kim herself ran away from home. Now, you might be thinking of  who is Kimberly Anne Scott sister? Well, Dawn Scott is her sister who died in 2016 . The most arised question about her death is actually what happened to Dawn Scott? She just died because of the over dosage of heroin. 

Full Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Birthday January 9, 1975
Age 46 Years
Sun Sign Capricorn
Born Country United States
Birth Place Warren, Michigan, United States
Height 1.78 m
Weight 62 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Color Blue
Body Measurements 34-29-37
Father Casimer Sluck
Mother Kathleen Sluck
Siblings Dawn Scott
Spouse/Ex Eminem (M. 2006–2006)
Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, Parker
Ethnicity Caucasian, white
Religion Christianity
Profession Writer and American mercenary illustrator
Famous As Eminem’s Ex-Wife
Nationality American
Net Worth Around $2 million
Current Residence Detroit, Michigan

Her ex-husband expressed their love-hate relationship by his songs. Eminem sang a song titled Kim that relays the extreme aloofness of legendary rapper Eminem for his then wife in 2000. Kimberley Anne(Kim Scott) tried her best to prevent Eminem from seeing Hailie Mathers due to the marital issues between the couple. But later, Eminem got the full custody of his daughter when she involved in drug possession.

Here are a lot of unknown factors that most of the people probably don’t know about Scott. Here’s what you should know about Kimberly, Eminem ex wife and Eminem net worth. This article is further going to be much interesting because here are the facts about Eminem daughter, Kim Scott Eminem children. Not only this, but also all the latest Eminem news!

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Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth:

As per 2022, Kimberly Anne Scott have $2 millions net worth.

First Meeting with Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem

Kimberly met Eminem at very tender age of 13 while he was just 15 years old. She asked him to bring his home. His mother wrote in “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem

” that he arrived home with a tall girl and introduced her as Kimberly Anne Scott and said she looked-for a place to stay as she ran away from her home due to alcoholic abusive step-father. Her mother wrote in memoir that no doubt that blonde girl was cute and busty.

Marriage Story

Wedding picture of Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem

The duo of  Eminem-Kim has very unique love story as they have been married twice. The couple first got hitched in 1999 before the Up In Smoke tour of iconic rapper Eminem. A happy married life was for very less time. But they got divorce in 2001. People and the die heart fans of Eminem question about what happened between Eminem and Kim? So the fact is that they got divorced due to the marital issues between the two.

After reunion, Kim Scott Mathers and Eminem got married again in 2006 and many celebrities were invited in this wedding in this way Kim became Eminem’s wife again. But unfortunately, they got divorce after three months of their second marriage.

Drug Possession Charges

Kimberly Anne Scott Charged with Drug Possession

This if one of the major fact as people kept on asking about why did Eminem ex-wife get sentenced? Kimberly, ex-wife of Eminem was charged with misdemeanor possession of drugs (Cocaine), unsafe driving with a suspended license in 2003.  She was also charged with drug possession in 2001, but then she was not imprisoned. She found implored innocent to the charges halting from her arrest. She was sent to prison for 30 days after violating her probation.

Suicide Attempt

Kimberly Anne Scott attempts suicide and crash into a car accident

Kimberley Anne Scott suicide attempt happened in 2015, she attempted suicide when she was drunk and intended to crash the vehicle. She admitted in Detroit radio show that drunk driving incident was on purpose and I’m so sorry. Kim’s driving incident reportedly occurred in Macomb County at 23 Mile


Kimberly Anne Scott And Eminem

Eminem saw Kimberly Anne Scott kissing a friend in the midst of the martial issues between the two in 2000. Eminem assaulted his friend and was arrested. He was sentenced two year jail for this crime. Later this year, Kim cut her wrist because of Eminem’s ditch song for her in his concert in Detroit.

Kimberley Anne Scott Children

Kim’s children have also grabbed the attention of all the fans. Kim has 4 kids. One of her daughter named Hailie Mathers is biological daughter of Eminem. Her son’s name is Parker Scott many people think about who is parker scott father?  So, the biological father of Parker Scott is Mick Parker.

Kim also has 2 other daughters named Whitney Scott Mathers and Alaina Marie Mathers. These daughters are adopted by Eminem.

FAQs About Eminem and Kim

Does Kim Scott have Instagram?

Yes, Kimberly Anne Scott Instagram account is @kimscottmathers

Who is Eminem Married to now?

Eminem is not married to anyone now. Most of the times the rumour starts circulating.

Who is Eminem Ex Girlfriend?

Eminem was rumoured to having a relationship with Tracy McNew in 2006.

How many biological kids does Eminem have?

Eminem has only one biological daughter named Hailie Jade.

Is Eminem married now?

No, Eminem is single now as he finds it difficult to trust somebody.

Is Eminem still with Kim?

No, currently Eminem and Kim are not together. In the past years, they had on and off relationship.

Is 8 Mile The Real Story of Eminem?

Yes, this drama was some sort of his real life story.

What is the real name of Eminem?

Real name of Eminem is Marshal Mathars.

How old is Eminem daughter Hailie now?

Currently in year 2021, Eminem’s daughter Hailie is 25 years old.

Is Eminem Still Married?

No, Eminem is not married currently. He’s single.

What is Eminem Daughter name?

Eminem has basically one biological daughter named Hailie Jade. Whitney Scott Mathers and Alaina Marie Mathers are not his biological daughters but adopted.

Who is Dawn Scott married to?

Dawn Scott is Kim’s twin sister. She is married to Scott Jones.


However, they had tumultuous relationship but Eminem expressed his emotion in his song that showed that he still love her as she is the mother of her daughter Hailie Jade. We hope, you enjoyed these unknown facts about Kimberly Anne Scott. Leave a comment and let us know your opinion about the relationship of Eminem and Kimberly.