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Lil Nine Net Worth – Biography, Age, Real Name, Relationship Status and Death

LIL NINE networth
Full Name:Denetri Mixson
Nationality:United States
Birthplace:Jacksonville U.S
Relationship Status:Single
Net worth:Estimated $1 million
Death:8th June 2020

We live in a world of fame, where thousands of celebrities are becoming popular because of their content on social media. Amongst the long list of stars, we have Lil nine, as known by this name. We are sure many of you are interested in knowing more about this young celebrity, so here we are with all the details about Lil Nine, his career, his death, and his legacy.

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Lil Nine biography

Denetri Mixson, who was better known by the name Lil Nine, was a famous American Rapper who had established himself in the rap world within the short time he had. He was born in Jacksonville in Florida. The information regarding this celebrity personality is rather limited. Lil nine was only 18 years old when had been shot and killed in Jackson Florida, in a gun violence act on 8th June 2020. He had been popularly known for his hip hop song released on TikTok “Who I smoke” which had gone viral.

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Early life

Born in Jacksonville, USA, Lil nine was a famous young rapper, but very little is known about this young celebrity. His father was Reginald Mixson who had set up the fundraiser GoFundMe, after his son’s death. He had requested his family and friends to donate some money to help with the long way of his son’s funeral service.

Personal life

Lil Nine was only 18 years of age and unmarried when he had been killed. Moreover, there has never been any news about him dating anyone. He also hasn’t been linked to any renowned singer or actor. His personal life is also not revealed much to the public as he had been very young when he was shot and killed while riding his vehicle.

Weight and height

Lil Nine was an attractive, tall, and young gentleman. Discussing his weight and height, he was 1.74 meters, or 5ft 9 inches tall. His body weight was 164 pounds or 70kg. This is all that is known about his body weight and height because other information like the waist size, chest size, dress size, hip size, shoe size, etc. have never been revealed.

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Lil Nine had been very young and hadn’t established himself as a reputable rapper by the time he had died. It is because of this that his name hadn’t been well-known in the rap world just as yet. By the time, he had just owned a few tracks to his name. On 20th February 2018, he had released one of the earlier songs “Southside” on the YouTube channel of Torrey production. The song had been produced by the MBO TJ. The official track video has around 66K views.

“Countryside Diss” was another of his songs that were released in the same year on 27th June and had been available for download through YouTube. Then in 2019, on 4th January, Bhood Productions had uploaded the “Pressure Givenchy Remix” official video. This had received 43K views ever since that time.

Then on 15th January 2019, the official video of the song named “Facts”, sung later by Lil Nine had been released on the YouTube channel of VickMount films. This video, since then has generated about 223K views.

Then he had released two more songs, one of which was named “Cappin” that had been published in 2019, on 19th January. The song features Moody Tay and Luh Chris as the vocalists. The other song was “Ready for Me” which had been released in February of 2019 on the VickMount Films channel. This video had gained around 113K YouTube views.

If we talk about Lil Nine’s career and journey, it was rather short because he didn’t live very long to gain more popularity. Nevertheless, in his short journey, he had made an impressive journey with only a few songs. In the latest news, his song “Who I Smoke” has been taking the internet by storm that has dissed the deceased rapper Teki, Bibby, and Lil Nine.

Then Spinabenz, Fluoride rappers, FastMoney Goon, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa, and Yungeen Ace had sung a song from the A Thousand Miles, a class pop record. This track had been very disrespectful towards these rappers who had passed away.

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Net worth

In his short musical career, Lil Nine had been the favorite rapper of many youngsters in that time and still today. Even now, his fans ensure to take out time to listen to his melodious songs on multiple music streaming platforms. Had he been alive, Lil 9 would have gone a long way with his musical career, but he just didn’t get the chance. Nevertheless, he is now no longer with us. Had he been here, he would’ve added more to his net worth, but the Lil nine net worth as of 2022, is estimated to be somewhere near $1 million.


  • If little 9 had been alive, he would’ve taken him too far and earned a lot of fame and prestige, but sadly he had never been given that chance.
  • While the Net worth is just an estimate of what it would’ve been since he is no longer in this world, no one can guess how much he would’ve earned if he had been here.

Lil Nine Death

Lil Nine, known by the name of Denetri Mixson, was only 18 years old when had been shot and killed in a gun violence act, while riding on his vehicle on 8th June 2020, on Atlantic Boulevard.


So, Lil 9 had lived a very short time to have established his place in the rap world. He had just been 18 years when he had been killed. In the little time that he had, Lil nine had established his place in the rap industry with his songs in such a way that fans still take out time to listen to his songs. It is said that if he had been alive, he would’ve established himself far in his profession, but he hadn’t lived long enough to do that. While the estimated net worth of Lil Nine is to be around $1 million, no one knows how much more he would’ve earned for himself if he had been alive.


How old is Lil nine?

Lil 9, Denetri Mixson was only 18 years of age when he had been shot and killed. So, he didn’t live any longer than 18 years.

Is Lil nine dead?

Yes, Lil 9 was shot dead in a violent act while riding in his car on 8th June 2020. He was announced dead after he had been shot.

How much money did Lil nine make?

Lil 9 had become the favorite of many youngsters in the short time period that he had lived. For the time he had lived, his net worth was estimated to be around $1 million as of 2021.

When did Lil nine die?

Lil Nine had been killed on 8th June 2020 while riding in his car. He had been shot and killed in a violent gun act.