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What to do to get playlisted on spotify in 2020

In the recent years, music streaming has become the major source of listening to musiv rather than downloading and buying records. People stream music by creating and listening to the playlists. In 2020 the competition has become tough than ever, with a variety of platforms and easy access of music to the artists and listeners. When we compare platforms Spotify has become the world’s largest streaming platform with 271 million monthly active listeners. Spotify has emerged as an evolutionary model of music consumption that has changed the ideals of market. Along with that it has also created massive discovery channels for artists globally. You can also Buy Spotify plays to give amazing look for new music and artists every day.

Spotify Playlists

To contribute their parts the 1st step is to have a spotify for artists account in order to upload original music, covers or other .The 3 main ways through which spotify introduces new music are featured playlists, algorithmic recommendation playlists and editorial and generative playlists. If one has spotify for artists account than spotify provides chance to everyone to upload their music through the editorial and generative playlists getting approved by the spotify team.

Give a personal touch to your music

According to James Foley Spotify’s music culture

and editorial lead for the UK & Ireland the context of the music is very important. It really counts if the artist adds a personal touch to his/her music. Your cultural significance and audience also matters. The artist should provide complete information about the mood and genre of the music.

Don’t be shy to submit your music

The competition is quite tough out there but if you’re too shy to share your music than it would do you no good. In this regard Spotify has made the access to its editorial team quite easy for the artists through playlist submission tool. Editors search for brand new, unreleased music for their playlists through the submissions you make and information you provide about your music. Editors make sure to listen to all the submissions that are submitted. Moreover, other flagship playlists like Discover weekly, New Music Friday etc. launch a cream of new artist for the world to recognize.

Drive traffic to spotify

Spotify’s algorithm recognizes when you draw more listeners and users to the platform by sharing your music or other music from spotify through links. When the listener plays music on spotify, it would benefit the artist. So, share the spotify links across other social media platforms, channels and websites.

Create your own playlist:

New music is uploaded everyday if at first your music is not selected for the big playlist features; don’t lose hope because consistency is the key. Creating your own playlist will help you to increase the reach of your music. Playlists can end up getting thousands and million followers sometimes. Even if you have only a few followers no worries because Discover Weekly algorithm is designed to take every playlist into account and if your music stands out with your active and consistent effort put into the process, your music will eventually land on a bigger playlist. Also, more the playlist plays, more your music will be recognized.