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Why has TikTok become so popular?

Why has TikTok become so popular

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. With more than millions of users across the globe, it has surpassed other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in terms of popularity and engagement. So why is this app getting popular daily and darling of Gen Z? This article will explain what you need to know!

What is a TikTok?

TikTok is a social network platform based on short-form video creation and sharing. Owned by a Chinese Media Company named Douyin, TikTok is a platform where you can discover videos, create videos and then share those videos. TikTok content evolved with time. It involves various colours, including challenges, inspirational videos, behind-the-scenes footage, viral sound videos, lip syncing and more.

The main hit of TikTok is its built-in program to record and edit. TikTok is an application where engagement and authenticity matter a lot. With ever-evolving content and features in a better way, it’s practically contagious as people and brands have no shortage of inspiration and influence to create viral and entertaining content.

How does TikTok work?

Videos on TikTok appear on the ‘For You Page’ of a user that is determined by the TikTok algorithm. The TikTok algorithm works on the principle of the user’s past activity and what type of content the user watches, likes, follows, or shares. All these factors measure the worth of content to be shown on FYP.

In addition to this page, there is also a section called ‘Discover’. In this section, users can search anything, including hashtags, sound, specific TikTok accounts, viral and trending videos and sound and views.

Anyone can be a content creator on TikTok, as on other social media platforms. Users have limited access to other users’ feeds, but here on TikTok, opportunities are unlimited. Creators can access a bundle of built-in tools and add animation, music, filter effects, or original sound effects.

What makes TikTok so popular?

  1. Trending Content and Viral Trends

Viral content and trends are among the main reasons for TikTok’s popularity. This doesn’t mean you must be famous on TikTok to post viral content. Even with a small following, your content can get viral overnight with millions of views.

TikTok is a fun and creative application where you can follow a trend, do a lip sync, or dance to a trendy sound effect and get popular in a day. Trends change every day, so people follow every popular trend on time and find success by making their content viral. Users can get hundreds and thousands of TikTok followers with millions of TikTok video views.

  1. Targeting the Gen Z Audience

Gen Z makes up many of the TikTok platform users’ base. TikTok is significantly prevalent in this generation, and TikTok is directly targeting this population. This demographic loves social media and can easily show their talent through this application. Short videos from cooking to arts, beauty to science facts, everything is available on TikTok, and every one offers genuine and engaging content to the world through TikTok. TikTok comments are the best way to show appreciation for their talents. The more talented and high-quality content creator you are, the more the comments on your videos will be with high engagement rates.

  1. Integration of music into content

Integration of music is a crucial element in TikTok’s popularity. People can add any music effect to their videos to make their content more appealing to the audience. Users can use trending music to go viral, too. Additionally, as TikTok is a hub for showing your thing to the world, many musicians come forward and make their career on this platform. If a person likes the sound effects and music you use in your video, the user will give likes to your video, which creates a snowball effect, and your video gets a lot of exposure.

  1. Innovative and creative tools

TikTok is filled with creative and innovative tools. It includes filters, sound effects, text overlays, video templates and editors, duets, collaborations and more. These tools can make your content from funny to professional-looking videos without any need or use of extra software. These tools are designed for short video content, making it much easier for TikTok users to engage and create more.

  1. Collaboration with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a famous tactic all over social media. But this approach is unique to TikTok. The content uploaded on TikTok is unique and authentic, and people creatively convey their message in short videos. The approach is efficient, and everyone benefits from it, from small businesses to big ones.

  1. Adaptation of algorithm

The TikTok algorithm runs beautifully. It picks up on what you like to see and share based on your past activity. Then, it shows you what you are interested in. When you see the same category of content, like it, share it or follow it, the algorithm will show you the content of the same category in future.

This is how the algorithm picks up your interests and hobbies and shows you the brand products accordingly.

  1. Easy to create the video

With the help of TikTok tools, creating videos directly within the application is effortless. TikTok’s user-friendly video-editing tools empower individuals to create content without requiring skills, equipment, or prior editing experience. The platform’s appeal lies in the fact that less polished content often performs better.

  1. Allow copyrighted music

Using copyrighted music is the most robust strength of TikTok. This feature is not available on other platforms like YouTube. People tend to use every kind of music to make their videos better. It’s noteworthy that TikTok’s widespread popularity significantly impacts current music charts. It’s common to find a “TikTok song” featured on various prominent music charts.

  1. Provide abundant opportunities

TikTok offers a lot of potential for fame. People gain popularity from this application and become influencers. The number of TikTok followers and TikTok comments plays an essential role in expanding your reach all over the globe. Along with these, TikTok views and likes on the videos also play a role in gaining fame and creating influencer profiles. Furthermore, sponsorship opportunities will also increase multiplefold.