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What is Urlebird? | Things You Should Know About It!


Tiktok is one of the most trending social networks for sharing different video content. Urlebird is a platform for users to access TikTok videos by remaining unknown. The Urlebird TikTok Apk app helps you view the TikTok videos without using a personal account. For further details about this website, look at the whole article.

Do You Know What Urlebird is?

The Urlebird is a website on which you can view TikTok videos on your stable network. This website is beneficial as it provides different information regarding the TikTok videos. This website can get information about the TikTok users, videos, challenges, and hashtags. This platform provides access to TikTok and its content, so thus it has proven helpful for the users who want to stay anonymous.

Features of Urlebird


This website comprises numerous features which prove helpful for the users. By utilizing the features of this website, you can get maximum advantage from the Urlebird website. Following are some of the features which provide certain benefits to you:

1. Free Access to Information

You can access all the information regarding the TikTok app without any registration and authorization. You can get maximum coverage of TikTok content and analytics of the TikTok users. Using the Urlebird app, you can easily access and download the different videos from TikTok and youtube without any watermark.

2. Provide Access to Offline Videos

The Urlebird aids the users in downloading videos not only from TikTok but also from Youtube. The downloaded videos without a watermark can be viewed offline and edited according to your will to improve your video content. If you want to download videos using Urlebird, you have to get help from a third-party service by installing software or getting a subscription service from Urlebird.

How Can Urlebird be Accessed?

The Urlebird app can be accessed and downloaded from the Urlebird website or any other website so that you can use its features, such as downloading and accessing the videos from TikTok and youtube without any watermark.

Is Using Urlebird Legal?

There is no definite explanation regarding whether using Urlebird is legal. It did not share your videos on the TikTok without your permission, although it has complete access to your biography. The Urlebird app has also stated that this app is not associated with Tiktok, as Tiktok has full authorization and copyrights on its video content. However, it is necessary for everyone using this website to go through the terms and conditions of urle bird before use.

How to Use Urlebird?

How to use urlebird

The urlebird is used to analyze and explore the TikTok videos, and you can also observe different statistics of TikTok users. This website comprises different categories which you can use freely. So I will tell you the purpose of each type so that you can use it conveniently.

Trending Feature

The trending feature is used to view the trending videos on TikTok anonymously.

Newest Video

This feature will give you access to all the newly uploaded videos on the TikTok.


The user category will take you to the list of most popular users of TikTok, and the popular type follows it.


It will give you the list of the most famous musicians on the TikTok. This option is also under the category of popular.

I am Feeling Lucky

You will see random videos by using this category.


With the Urlebird app, you can do multiple tasks, such as video content being made better, and you can see various statistics on the TikTok. You can view your favorite videos offline and edit them easily. This app also has proven helpful in accessing the TikTok content for those who don’t want to make an account on TikTok.

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