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Why YouTube Creators Should Care About Their Social Proof

Social Proof

While the principle of social proof first began in the offline world, it is extremely applicable on the internet as well, particularly when it comes to social media. For example, there are many elements incorporated into YouTube which allow users and small businesses to impact the behavior of viewers. There are 4 key areas that YouTube users can be strongly influenced using the concept of social proof.

YouTube Views

Having more YouTube views also has benefits in several other essential ways. Firstly, it will strengthen your social credibility, which will help you develop a reputation as someone whose content is worth watching. Even better, it will have a positive impact on your organic search rankings, which means you will rank higher when users search for terms related to your video.

Lastly, all of this bonus traffic can lead to higher conversions, which is great news for your small business and YouTube account. There are many ways to increase the likes and buy  youtube views on any video that increase your social proof and kickstart the engagements on any video.

It comes with more Likes or Dislikes

The amount of likes and dislikes that a video has, and especially the ratio of likes to dislikes, has the power to change a user’s mind. Even if a user really liked a video, their opinion of it can be easily changed if they see that the video has many more dislikes than likes. The same is true in the reverse—if a video has a large number of likes, then users may reconsider their initial not-so-positive opinion about it. In other words, it’s almost as if the video’s likes and dislikes tell users whether or not they should enjoy it.

What’s interesting is some of the most liked videos are also the most disliked videos as well. This shows the power of social proof; people want to negate the positive engagement with a downvote.

Positive YouTube Comments

Moreover, comments have the great ability to snowball, leading to an even greater number of organic comments. One simple comment can create a chain of engagements that can bring viewers that would never have found your video without them. The comment below is a perfect example of how to get Justin Beiber fans and Mozart fans in one discussion.

YouTube Subscribers

The amount of views rises exponentially as you get more subscribers. The more people that get notified every time you post a new video automatically increase possible views instantly.

For example, if your video has a lot of views but you have few subscribers to your channel, users are likely to think that you’ve produced a one-hit wonder, but are unlikely to return for more. But if you can illustrate to users that you both have a large number of views and subscribers, it’ll become clearer in their eyes that you are someone worth paying attention to. In this regard, increasing your subscribers will have benefits not only for the present video, but also for everything that you upload down the line.

Is Social Proof Important on YouTube?

Ultimately, you can upload the best videos in the world, but without social proof, many users won’t even give them a chance. As described above, these 4 elements contain immense power to catapult your channel to success by building on your social proof and influencing users to watch your videos. This can truly transform your entire channel, which will make all of the difference when it comes to boosting traffic, strengthening your social credibility, and increasing conversions.