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The first thing that popped up in mind after reading the word citation in academic assignments of books, journals, article writing. But you can find out a lot of informative stuff on YouTube, which is also easily reached. Although there is also some controversial content available on it, on the other hand, it also contains useful academic stuff that is diverse educational channels, news programs snippets, and interesting and informative topics complete documentaries.

No doubt, YouTube has a diverse range of information. Still, the citation of the YouTube video is a more arduous task than citing a book. Although apparently, the process of citing YouTube seems difficult, once you get started, it becomes quite easy. I jotted down a few points that will assist you in citing YouTube videos in various formats, i.e. Chicago style, MLA, and APA. So, let’s discuss them.

If you have cited a video before from a different website then, it is a plus point for you. As the same process, is being followed for citing a video from YouTube.

Moreover, the citation of YouTube includes descriptive information, and when you provide a lot of information. Then, this thing will automatically enhance your YouTube video views as more people will search out the page due to easiness in finding the page. Not only this but also YouTube viewers will increase as your page will be searched more because of the detailed description.  And if your content has quality more and more people will like it which will automatically increase your likes.

Important points that need to be considered before citing a video from YouTube:

Let’s discuss those points that are important regarding video citation from YouTube.

  • Name of user, full name, name of the company who posted content
  • Video title
  • Title of the website on which YouTube video is posted
  • Video publisher
  • The posting date of the video
  • The total duration of the YouTube video and its duration
  • YouTube video URL

Guideline regarding video citation from YouTube in MLA 8 format:

  • First of all, write the last name of an individual
  • After that write down the first name of the company that posted content or the name of an individual
  • Then, write the title of the YouTube video
  • After writing the title write the title of the website on which YouTube is posted
  • In case, if the name of the publisher is different from the title and author, then, it is mandatory to write its name. Otherwise, there is no need.

Guideline regarding video citation from YouTube in APA format:

  • First of all, write the account name and
  • If you don’t want to write it down then, you have another option of writing the last name
  • After this, write the name of the initial uploader, i.e. Account name of YouTube.

Guideline regarding video citation from YouTube in Chicago format:

  • To write the citation of YouTube first of all write the last name
  • After it writes down the first name of an individual
  • But if you don’t want to write the name of an individual, then you can write the name of the company of posted the content
  • Then, the next step is title writing. Write the title of the YouTube video
  • After that, write the total duration of the video
  • Not only this, but you have to also write the publication date of the YouTube video
  • After all these steps, the most important step is to write the URL of the respective YouTube video

A few people face difficulty in determining the author of the website, so for their convenience, I penned down a few tips.

Most of the time, it becomes a turning point for most individuals to determine the author of the webpage. Mostly, a group or agency is called an author despite a particular individual. In case, if the website does not have an author, then to compensate it use the page title in its place.


In a nutshell, work smart to cite a video. Every work requires struggle, practice, and smartness to use these and make your task easy. The same happens in the case of citing YouTube videos.