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How Long Does Mehndi Designs Last on Hand Palm

Mehndi designs is one of the important cultural styling for women. It shows happiness. This is the reason of doing mehndi artwork at bridal hand palm. It helps women to look more stylish and classy in Mehndi dresses on wedding. There are different mehndi designs for women. These designs depend on the event on which you take it on your hand palm. For parties, women take light mehndi designs. On the other hand, bridals take heavy mehndi designs. It all depends on events for mehndi styling.

Time of mehndi lasting at hand palm

Some of the people say that mehndi last for 2 to 3 weeks on hand palm. But this figure is very long. Mehndi only lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. It loses its darkens in one and half week. After this you should wash your hands properly to clean it. There are different reasons for losing mehndi darkness in this short time period. Your strong soap and hand wash my lead to mehndi darkness losing.

Strategies for long lasting mehndi artwork

There are no hard and fast rule for long lasting henna artwork. You can take it for longer time approximately 2 to 3 weeks by short strategies. People have variations in  their skin type. Some of you may have oily skin while others have dry skin. Similarly some parts of skin are dry and some parts are oily. Mehndi cannot stay for longer time on oily skin parts and parts with hair. You may notice that mehndi artwork can stay for long time on front side of hand palm. Back side of hand is somehow oily and contain hair that is why mehndi artwork cannot stay longer on backside.

Choose good quality mehndi

Not only skin but also quality of mehndi affects on mehndi stay duration on hands. You should select mehndi with good quality which can be applied gently and gets darken on hand. In market, quality less mehndi is also available which you should not buy at any cost. It can harm your skin while applying on hand. Good quality mehndi is one of the good strategy for long lasting mehndi.

Do not apply lotion

You should avoid applying lotion before mehndi artwork. It can result into colourless mehndi. Any kind of oily cosmetics application before mehndi artwork can result into colourless mehndi. You should avoid it and make sure your skin is dry and clean before applying mehndi on it. Scent of henna lasts for 4 to 5 days on hands if you take care of your skin before applying mehndi.

Apply mehndi for long time

To get darken mehndi colour, you should keep applying it for long time. For better colour, you should apply it at least for 2 hours. This will help you to get dark colour on skin.

All these strategies are helpful for long lasting mehndi designs on hands. You should be careful while applying mehndi and take care of these short recommendations. This will help you for your long lasting mehndi artwork on your hands.