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How to earn real money on online games


The genre of online games has gained great popularity among gamers of many ages, and players have begun to master their favorite games in order to become the best in their projects.

The smartest players quickly realized that you can earn real money on the game, and not only here SkyCoach.gg (visit link and watch details), but also sell it. If you offer other slower and lazy players rare goods and services and ask for real money in return.

What can you earn in online games:

  • Pumping
  • Online coaching
  • Boosting
  • Farm and sell game coins


There are a number of players who categorically do not like to upgrade their characters, they can be found in cities and general chats with the search for a suitable service. It will not be difficult to find a client, the main thing is to be able to fulfill the order with high quality, otherwise the rumor about you as a booster will not be personal.

You will need a well-equipped character and a good understanding of the best game locations to level up, where you will be performing a service. The character must be AoE and durable and fast enough to be able to quickly gather a group of monsters and quickly destroy them for maximum experience gain.

Given the fact that the service is provided after payment, many players will refuse to order it from a little-known player, and besides, there is always a risk of getting a ban from the administration, so this can be done in a tricky way.

Take at your service payment in game currency in relation to real money for its sale and thus you do not risk sanctions, since the transfer of gold in itself is not illegal, and the client will not risk real money. But take payment for pumping immediately, before the service is rendered – at the first stages, some players will refuse, but there will also be those who are ready to take risks. Do not deceive people, and you will be more trusted – and if you perform the service before payment, they can deceive you and simply leave the game.

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Online coaching

When you master a project well and know the intricacies of playing as a character and conducting PVP, you can teach other people.

Online coaching is often used by players who want to play a popular and complex character, but can’t master its mechanics. In such cases, they turn to players who can act as a coach and help master the character in real time for game or real currency.

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Boosting in its component is very similar to coaching and leveling of characters with one important difference – when boosting, you take full control over the character and, accordingly, the customer’s account. Of course, with the first orders, you are unlikely to receive an order for boosting, since such assistance is trusted by trusted players and stores, but you should know that such an opportunity exists in cooperation with other sites and you need to strive for it if you love the process of leveling characters and want to earn good money on his labor.

Farm and sell game coins

Mining and then selling game coins is the best way to earn money in terms of security when you are well versed in your game.

There are several ways to sell gold:

  1. You find a playground that provides mediation services and through it you find customers for your gold. For the service, the service will take a commission, but you can independently specify the desired price.
  2. Sale of all gold to a specialized store. In this case, you will be able to sell your savings in large quantities and immediately receive your money, but after the transfer of gold. Be careful and work only with verified buyers.
  3.  Selling directly is a more difficult way, since you cannot just write to people in the chat – you will quickly and guaranteed get a character ban, or even the entire account after the administration receives numerous complaints against you. But there is a trick – in many guilds with a lot of online there are always people who need to buy gold – interact with them and try to communicate with as many players as possible – they may also want to buy gold, or know players in a similar request.

Buying and reselling game items

This type of income is very profitable if you have capital, or at least a starting amount, you understand the game economy and valuable items.

Very often on many projects there are players who want to sell their goods quickly and at a reduced cost for speed – the reasons can be different – from leaving the project, to significant life circumstances. This is not our business, our task is to find and buy the necessary lots for subsequent resale, or sale on special services.

In this regard, third-party stores and services for mediation in transactions will be very helpful.

If possible, it is better to immediately look for a deal for real money, and not waste time on several operations. If the lot that you got is worthwhile, then you should immediately go to the service where you can sell it to another player – the system will certainly take its commission, but you will also remain in the black.

The store will also be able to sell the goods, but will obviously offer a lower amount and there is always a risk of the store’s dishonesty.

If you have contacts of large guilds, you should also write to them, as they are primarily interested in strengthening their guild members. There are frequent cases when valuable equipment is thrown off by the entire guild.