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Unlocking video streaming capabilities with the cloud services

Unlocking video streaming capabilities with the cloud services-01

Cloud computing has been a game changer for every industry vertical. The technology has forced businesses to drive digital transformation and pace with the modern data requirements. Therefore, when it comes to scaling your business, there’s nothing better than relying on innovative cloud solutions from a trusted cloud computing company to get started.

Businesses are usually familiar with the general industrial applications of cloud computing, however, one segment that goes completely unnoticed is the cloud-based video streaming industry. This article focuses on the various benefits and use cases of cloud computing services for OTT streaming platforms.

Why do businesses need cloud services for streaming video content?

Since the extraordinary growth of streaming media services, over-the-top (OTT) content media delivery has become one of the biggest platforms for entertainment; however, the only challenge businesses face with OTT development is scaling their IT infrastructure with the rising demand of customers. Meanwhile, the quality of experience should not be compromised. Under such circumstances, it seems like OTT cloud streaming solutions can save businesses.

How? Let’s take a look:

How Cloud-based OTT Streaming Works For Today’s Businesses?

The revenue for the OTT video streaming segment is estimated to show an annual growth rate of 11.60% from 2022 – 2027, resulting in a projected market volume of $475.60k by 2027. The primary reason for its rapid popularity is that OTT streaming services offer viewers access to the chosen content whenever and wherever they want. Hence, the audience gains more control over the viewing experience, but growing demand asks for advanced infrastructure.

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OTT streaming needs encoding and transcending files to format and deliver required content to nearly any device. With increased workflow, streaming servers need sufficient processing capacity to provide content without interruptions. Apart from this, the technical staff also needs to maintain proprietary hardware, system security, and constant updates. Now, this process might slow or shut down without extensive resources.

This is where a reliable cloud computing company can rescue businesses. Cloud OTT video streaming solutions can cut off drawbacks like high upfront OTT app development cost and complicated infrastructure maintenance.

Now, coming to your primary concern, why should your business consider cloud computing solutions for OTT?

Why Should Businesses Consider Cloud Services For OTT Development?

The global cloud computing market size is estimated to jump from $371.4 billion in 2021 to $832.1 billion by 2025. One of the significant reasons for marking this growth is video streaming businesses realizing the importance of cloud solutions.

If your business wants to establish professional steaming workflows, Cloud-based OTT streaming services can help you since:

  • OTT Cloud platforms strengthen end-to-end video streaming capabilities and allow businesses to refocus their efforts on core goals and objectives.
  • Cloud OTT platforms also reduce considerable operational costs and efficiently deliver content to their audience.

But the benefits are not limited to performance and scaling; let’s take a detailed look at various advantages businesses can get from Cloud-based OTT streaming services.

How Can Businesses Unlock Streaming Capabilities With Cloud Solutions?

In-the-cloud servers are better for transcoding and ingesting video files: most streaming services can ingest a variety of video files and transcode them in Cloud. Businesses must start this ingestion with cloud computing services because cloud servers can host these rendered files and make them available for delivery in no time.

Moreover, rather than purchasing additional infrastructure, businesses can easily scale their OTT streaming services by adding more cloud resources. However, for this reliability, partnering up with an experienced Cloud computing company is essential to incorporate an insightful smoother maintenance process.

A few other benefits of implementing Cloud-based OTT video streaming services are mentioned below:

1.   Better monitoring and analytics

Businesses can better control and monitor the UI/UX with cloud resiliency without accessing the set-top box. In addition to delivering greater visibility into startup time and latency, businesses can also gain insights into streaming.

You can benchmark the performance and ensure OTT video delivery at the highest standards in the industry by leveraging statistics and data in the Cloud.

2.   Faster updates

As far as speed, optimization and responsiveness are concerned, cloud deployment brings all kinds of benefits to the table. Single OTT media operators are known for lengthy deployment cycles and are slow to implement apps natively, especially with settops.

However, with cloud deployment, all the heavy lifting is performed on the cloud server. Therefore, business operators can update and add applications much faster. You can also install apps without the limitations imposed by hardware.

On top of this, Cloud-based applications don’t occupy space on the end device, hence there is no technical limitation in installing apps.

3.   Device management

Apps that are deployed from the cloud resource allow complete device management. You can freely monitor, analyze and control access or switch specifications as per your business requirements.

4.   Business focus rather than technology focus

With Cloud-based OTT video streaming solutions, businesses can finally counter by offering high-quality content for their audience instead of worrying about technical requirements, hardware, and scaling infrastructure.

5.   Customized streaming

Every user’s streaming feed is unique and requires attention to detail based on preferences and past viewing history. Through cloud computing content analysis, you can easily collect user preferences in terms of content and support recommendation engines to customize the feed as per the user’s interests.

The cherry on the cake is that cloud solutions also support the feature of receiving notifications as per a user’s choice of content.

Get Started With Cloud-Based OTT Streaming Today!

The changing customer usage pattern and growing demand for content are beneficial for every business based on video streaming services. Cloud-based OTT streaming can help you deliver more content without compromising quality and performance. Hence, get your OTT project started with a Cloud computing company and serve your customers only best.