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All About the AlUla Wellness Festival 2022

AlUla Wellness Festival

Al Ula believes that wellness begins within, energising your mind, body, and spirit.

The Al Ula Wellness Festival, which returns for its second edition from September 29 to October 16, will focus on the therapeutic power of silence. It will feature a diverse group of wellness professionals and practitioners that are committed to providing restorative and holistic experiences.

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With a focus on wellness during the day, Mariah’s weekend nights will be filled with unforgettable concert performances.

On Thursday, AlUla’s new wellness festival kicked off, bringing in experts from around the world as well as a lineup of immersive activations and installations of art.

More than 300 activities are available at first in this type of health event, including celebrity yoga instructors, wellness talks, workshops, massage therapy, and live music.

Lionel Richie, a well-known American singer-songwriter, played at Maraya Concert Hall as part of the event on March 18.

Inside the Sanctuary of the Five Senses

The Five Senses, located on one of AlUla’s summer farms, is part of the festival and will provide engaging experiences over the next 10 days, comprising trained meditations and yoga, seminars, presentations, and mindfulness exercises to help “connect the senses” to nature. All of this is enjoyed by visitors amid the breathtaking ancient settings, which include majestic mountains and remains from the world’s oldest civilisations. The programme attempts to improve people’s emotional, physical, and mental wellness.

The new sanctuary provides five-sense sessions that allow guests to immerse themselves in nature while interacting with music, space, and light.

The Five Senses is divided into three pavilions and a community area that is central, with the goal of bringing together like-minded people seeking inspiration and growth.

Every day starts with a waking session and breakfast, followed by a cooking demo and a musical gathering at the moonrise. Each pavilion provides a variety of classes that can be reserved in advance. Meditation, sound healing, yoga, Tai Chi, arts, mindfulness, seminars, and treatment rooms, along with private areas for wellness therapies are among them.

Pavilion A, designed by international architecture firm Fisher Design Studio, has a concept of “move, sweat, flow” and provides more vigorous yoga courses.

Pavilion B is dedicated to meditation, breathing, and alignment. The Dome of the theatre is located here and hosts discussions on astrology and neuroscience are examples of old and modern wisdom. It also houses the Central Cafe, where cooks provide healthful cuisine influenced by AlUla.

People can also participate in perfume and jewellery-making classes, evening handpan instruction, and shop at ShopatCulture which is Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce company that supports emerging local fashion designers.

In AlUla, eight celebrity yogis arrived in March this year.

The celebrity teacher panel at the Five Senses is led by Chelsea Kauai, a well-known acro yogi from Hawaii. Artistic Yoga CEO Manish Pole, a disciple of Himalayan guru Bharat Thakur, who led the daily dawn and dusk gatherings, and Dylan Werner—an educator in health, mindfulness & well-being and a yoga instructor were also among them.

This winter, AlUla has unveiled its 2022 roster of significant events, activities, and different festivities to have a different experience. It begins during the fall, Saudi Arabia is going to see the AlUla Wellness festival’s comeback. During winter AlUla Festival will be held at Tantora & Azimuth—going to be the first music festival of the city, along with other exciting events taking place at Azimuth and Tantora.

AlUla is the old and ancient times festival which tries to repeat history every year, it is another fascinating new addition to the calendar. The business-focused event will take place from Nov 11 through Nov 27 and will draw inspiration from the Arabian Peninsula’s successive civilizations for 7000 years. It commemorates the historic incense road trading route that helped develop AlUla as a lively commercial and cultural crossroads. The festival is also going to include mesmerising encounters in significant heritage sites throughout the Kingdom such as Hegra After Dark.

The revitalising AlUla Festival will be held in reinventing Wellness activities and health experiences in the AlUla events, with a rejuvenating spa and wellness and fitness retreat in order to offer total relaxation. All the spa facilities will be held out by the world’s most gifted practitioners, while local talents from the Kingdom will be brought together. AlUla at Tantora during winter, which runs from Dec 21 through Jan 21, is going to feature creative dining. Among many other exciting activities are immersive arts, and outdoor theatres with high fashion.

Furthermore, the once-in-a-year Azimuth intimate festival is returning to the city after covid with a variety of art displays, food and music, as well as rethinking fresh viewpoints for the month of September through October It will take place in a stunning canyon setting and will centre on the shifting seasons that lead to a new life experience.

This event began at a great time in AlUla because of the fact that the city is preparing to become the most popular tourist destination in the Arab world. This is going to be for the very first time that individuals from all over the entire globe have been formally invited to Saudi Arabia’s mediaeval cities of AlUla, and Khyber.