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Benefits Of Knowing Your Soul Urge Number

Benefits Of Knowing Your Soul Urge Number

Have you thought of yourself that why you do somethings and perform actions? Moreover, why certain things happen to you that you wish should not be part of your life? If you are wondering and saying yes, then you can take the help of the urge number that is the part of the Numerology.

Urge number (https://www.numerologynamecalculator.com/soul-urge-number/) is basically a spiritual number that define your thoughts and characters. Also, it describes your inner personality that what drives at your level of the soul. It is a good source for those who don’t know their capabilities and perform work without knowing their abilities. If you want to know the benefits of the urge number, you should first know how to calculate it.

Once you know your urge number, you will able to find yourself. To calculate the urge number, you first have to write your name that your parents have you during birth. It should not be a nickname or name you sue at your school or after marriage. Rather it must be purely your birth name.

Write your name and extract vowels from it. Each vowel has its own number. These are






Now calculate the numbers. You will get the two-digit number. If you get 11 or 22, then don’t reduce it further; otherwise, reduce it to a single number to get your urge number.

For example, we will find the urge number of William

Extract the vowels




Total: 1+9+9=19

Reduce to a single number

That is 1+9=10

Further reduction 1+0=1

So the urge number for William is one and read the facts related to one.

Urge Number Calculation

Benefits of using the urge number:

After you calculate the urge number, you will get the following benefits. These are

  1. Know your desires

The first thing you get from the urge number is that you know yourself. You try to understand what you need for your life. How you can achieve the goals you wish for and what strategy you should apply. It is the factor that urges your desire, and then you work for them to win the game.

  1. Get motivation

Motivation is a factor that leads a person to success. So, if you want to achieve your goals, then get motivation. Read the true stories of warriors, scientists, and successful people who have the same urge number than understanding how they worked? What things help them to complete their task. It will motivate you, and definitely, you will achieve life goals.

  1. Decision making will be ease

Urge number improves your motivation so you will be able to make decisions confidently. You will empower yourself and understand the facts. Thus, make decisions accordingly.

  1. Work spiritually

When you do any work from your thoughts and have the internal intention, then you feel satisfied and perform efficiently. Therefore, try to work from the heart and involve your spiritual beliefs to achieve the goals that you have in your mind.