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6 Awesome Real Estate Technology Tools for Agents

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There are over 3.2 million real estate agents in the US alone. With over 10 billion dollars in revenue, real estate is a huge industry, with a great development perspective. And this is something that we are witnessing these days, with real estate technology evolving rapidly to provide agents with effective ways to solve their problems and gain a competitive edge over their competition. Modern technology has enabled real estate brokers to grow and scale their business rapidly and gain a competitive advantage.

We all know real estate agents and brokers have a full plate to keep in front of them these days. From managing their clients’ properties to the ever-expanding world of technology – agents and brokers have more on their plate than ever before. And it’s not just brokers or agents themselves who are busy. It’s their assistants, technology directors, and virtual assistants as well.

What’s more, the entire real estate team is being increasingly asked to help agents and brokers with client service, sales leads, marketing, and even finding homes for agents to sell. The task of fulfilling all of the complex and ever-expanding demands of real estate is a daunting one, which is why the real estate team often ends up missing out on the most critical parts of their job. This shouldn’t be the case. And in this post, we’re looking at top real estate technology tools that can save agents and brokers valuable time and energy in a world where there’s a 24/7 demand for real estate and real estate-related services.


There’s a good chance you’ve already interacted with one or more of the countless chatbots that are available to real estate agents, builders, and buyers. What if real estate agents were able to harness the technology behind the chatbots and start using them to take some of the load off their agents and brokers?

With the emergence of a new technology known as the AI real estate chatbot, things are beginning to change. These AI chatbots aren’t the traditional boats used to help people with questions they often found impossible to resolve by themselves. They are used by real estate agents, brokers, and their teams to handle the bulk of their client interactions. The AI real estate chatbot can often take over the workload of the agents’ teams, making their lives easier and less stressful while also automating a number of other activities.

With many agents becoming busier and busier, there’s a clear benefit for those who take the time to implement an AI chatbot in their business and make use of this new real estate technology. It’s clear that more and more agents and brokers are starting to see the value of AI chatbots in real estate.

Realty Time

This is a cool real estate tracking system on the market today. This tool gives agents a full accounting of every home and every listing they are working on. It allows them to input the information and add photos from listings to multiple properties. The solution will also keep them posted with the status and movement of the listing and the home itself. It will even do all of this for a fraction of the price of software that doesn’t offer as many features.

This is a great tool for managing your time and your leads. A single agent working with the tool can have a full accounting of all their listings at any given time. It even allows you to set alerts for changes in the value of a home or any other information you want to be alerted to. The best part about it is that you only need to have an internet connection to log into the system and check your listings. If you are logged in, you will also be able to view information about properties and photos in your listings.

Virtual Staging from Spotless Agency

In today’s global market, people are using online media for the first time. The idea of “selling by email” was born. And today, virtual staging has taken this idea to the next level. While people use Google and Facebook as the key search engines, the average real estate agent is still “sending” a real estate listing using the old tactics: the phone and the realtor. But this doesn’t work anymore.

When it comes to a property listing or advertisement, there is no better way to make a strong first impression than by showcasing a virtual tour. Virtual tours provide both real estate agents and potential buyers with an immersive preview of a property’s interior spaces so that they can make a solid buying or renting decision.

Virtual staging solutions are gaining popularity in the real estate industry as proven tools for creating and delivering a positive environment to show a property for sale. It is the art of preparing and presenting the property to be easily seen and understood. Virtual staging solutions from Spotless Agency can help real estate agents in many different ways:

  • Helps to create more appealing advertisements for their property;
  • Helps to create more effective listings;
  • Gives a property much more credibility and exposure than it ever will from just walking through the front door and listing on the open market;
  • Makes a house appealing to buyers when they have no idea of what a property is like or has inside.


One of the most basic tools that real estate agents will use is a listing or sale brochure. There are some tools that offer this option but not many. Listbuilder offers a completely free instrument that is very simple to use. It will create a listing template that you can change as you wish. The template is a completely drag-and-drop solution, and you have the option of adding several photos to a listing and also a video. The layout of the listing is very easy to change.

You can choose your style of marketing and your template. The only drawback to using Listbuilder is that you can only have five listings in your listing database at any time. It can only make about five new listings. If you need more, you will have to upgrade to their professional version.


Sometimes a great idea can only be a great idea if there is a way to implement it and put it into practice. If you are familiar with the process of an invention, you know that it takes the mind of an inventor and some solid research to figure out the key to success. If you know something about what the market is for your product and how to sell it to that market, you will be more likely to succeed. The Inventors tool can assist you in getting the ideas that can help you succeed.

Inventors provides a system that helps you with all of your patent or copyright research. This includes research into patent or copyright records, patent laws, prior art, and relevant search engines. It also includes online patent databases and patent information and help. They also offer patent assistance and help with the process. This means you can ask them any question, and they will be able to help you find the answer.


If you know what is happening with the market, then you know that one of the key elements to the housing recovery is low inventory. A home with too many listings will create an environment where it is difficult to find the home you want.

Zillow can help you locate homes and properties in your area that are coming available. This gives you a leg up on the competition and helps you get the home or listing you want. The tool will search in many different MLSes and give you details on every property you request. It is also a great tool to help you with your marketing strategy. You can create a target market and start marketing to them. The great thing about Zillow is that they do the legwork for you. They will search for your listings and provide you with a complete listing for every property you request. You just need to log into the system.