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create a brand

As companies, products and services become increasingly similar, the importance of nurturing and building your brand increases. A brand loaded with the right emotional values is often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales strategy. Creating a strong brand is therefore an important factor in the success of a business.

You probably know that a strong brand leads to success – but do you know where to start to get there? Building a positively charged brand is far from impossible. Here are four steps that will make you the first choice for your target audience.

Get to know your audience

The first step to creating a successful brand is to find out who your target audience is and evaluate it. Depending on the product/service your company provides, the size of the target audience can vary considerably.

Usually, the target group is defined as anyone who might be interested in the company’s product/service. However, this can be tons of people – and such a broad group is unlikely to react the same way to your branding.

Therefore, you usually divide your target audience into separate groups. It is these groups that you want to get to know better by collecting data about them through Google Analytics and social media’s own analytics tools, for example.

Give your brand a personality

Once you have worked out the target audience for your business, the next step towards a successful brand is setting a course and giving your brand a personality. Doing so marks the difference between being perceived as unique and being one of the crowd.

When you give your brand a personality, you answer questions like what makes your brand different, why your brand is appealing to your target audience and the like.

Give your brand a name and face

The name of your business is an important part of your brand. Choose a name that is timeless, short and easy to remember. Just think of Google and Apple. It is also an advantage if the name is somehow associated with the business, even before the name becomes so well known that it is a given what your company does.

The face of your brand is your logo. You will use it for a long time and it is going to be visible on both big and small screens, posters, flyers and wherever you brand yourself. That is why developing an aesthetically pleasing logo is incredibly important, and this includes the graphic profile, with the style, color and shape that will appear wherever you communicate.

If you need help with your brand’s name and graphic profile, you can turn to Domainify. With Domainify, you can find a brand that fits your preferred industry.

brand name

Trademark your brand

Trademarking your brand is one of the most important things to consider when starting a new business. According to The U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) a trademark is “a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of the others”. Thus, by trademarking your business, you protect your brand identity and stop competitors from imitating your brand.