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Rollercoaster Roblox Games of the 21st Century You Can’t Miss


Roblox is a game development and online gaming platform created by Roblox Corporation in 2006 that simplifies how people program and play games. The create-and-play genre gaming platform supports mobile, PC, and game consoles. Many beginner game developers use the platform to build games and unveil their skills. It has an object-oriented programming feature, which enables gamers to design functional software games with adequate data fields and objects.

Top 5 Rollercoaster Roblox Games You Should Play

It’s hard to tell the exact genre the Roblox gaming platform falls under. It’s a dynamic gaming platform offering a variety of games, including strategy, first-person shooter, simulation video, etc. Gamers with all experiences and fancies will find the Roblox virtual universe the ultimate space to create, play, and share wonderful gaming experiences with friends. Multiple rollercoasters and intriguing games have been developed on the Roblox platform, and below are the best four.

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a rollercoaster amusement park simulator developed by Den_S on the Roblox platform. In this witty digital park simulator, you have a lot of amusing things to do. It starts with laying down a theme park setup and developing it into an attention-grabbing attraction site. You have to manage the park and earn money from the investment through the money visitors pay to see the park. Gamers can customize their park with unique sceneries and expand its size over time.

As the game starts, you have access to limited resources but gain more as you showcase your skills and earn from your creations. To avoid draining the resources halfway and failing to meet your targets, you should be careful when planning the park layout. Plan and build a park that meets the allocated budget and space. Interestingly, you can tour parks constructed by other players to brainstorm ideas on how to create the best and most attractive theme park.


Jailbreak is a captivating simulator video game in which a hero tries to escape prison captivity. It follows an interesting storyline where the prison hero has to trigger a fight between the police and other prisoners and open the secret treasure chest as they escape. Gamers can also approach it from the angle of the police, who are fighting hard to stop the fight and escape attempts.

As the criminal on escape, you have to look for keycards to escape the prison walls. You must dodge the traps and deadly attacks by the police, who are fully equipped with a taser and pistol. The adventurous and adrenaline-rising game is an excellent choice for every beginner and avid gamer. However, it may have some geo-restrictions, meaning not everyone can play it on their PC and game consoles. The good thing is Roblox proxies can help you bypass geo-restrictions and reduce latency issues, enabling you to immerse yourself fully into this adventurous game.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is one of the most played RPG simulator games on the Roblox platform. The caregiving-based game lets a player adopt and take care of pets. You can also play the role of a pet. Its focus has substantially changed with the years it has existed. It now offers collectible pets and cosmetics like toys and vehicles.

To get some of the rare pets, you’ll have to buy them using Roblox’s virtual currency. You can select from five pet classes, ultra-rare, legendary, common, rare, and uncommon. You can raise newborn pets into juniors, pre-teens, teens, and full-grown animals.

Super Bomb Survival

Super Bomb Survival is a game based on physics where a rain of explosives falls from the sky. It’s a frantic scramble escape game where everyone fights to escape the explosions and stay alive. The sky-triggered threats, including dynamite, are catastrophic, killing players and destroying properties.

The best part of this rollercoaster game is thriving through the many explosions and challenges and finally coming out alive. In this bomb-themed survival, you must survive two-and-half minutes of terror and hazards to emerge a winner.


As an avid gamer or game developer, you have likely heard of or used the Roblox game creation platform. It’s one of the best gaming platforms for people to learn about developing games and staying at the top of their craft. The above-mentioned are the four best Roblox-based games you wouldn’t want to miss.