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6 Main Characteristics of a Great Dedicated Development Team


Do you know under what condition the project is successfully implemented?

First of all, when a lot of people will be working on it, carrying out their special assignments. 

Having a close-knit team is the key to success!

A dedicated development team is an association of people (engineers, developers, managers) who come together to interact with clients and work on their projects. 

It might seem easy to get smart and successful people together and start working, but it is not that simple.  The development team has certain so-called characteristics, following which you will have the most reliable partners.

Read on to learn about the Nine main characteristics of a Great Dedicated Development Team!

Sociability, sociability and sociability again!

The most basic and important thing is the ability to communicate with each other.

We’re talking about a team of people. Each member of the team must clearly understand and be aware of what other people are. They have different characters and temperaments, different opinions and moods, different ages, beliefs, goals and approaches.

 We are different, and that’s okay. You can be a professional in your field, but you cannot find a common language with another person, and this is a problem!


The main criterion for recruiting people is naturally their professionalism.

There should be no weak links in teamwork, the process should go like a Swiss watch. Therefore, before composing a dedicated development team, you need to look at what its potential representatives are capable of.

Developers must keep up with new technological trends, have knowledge of basic things and always learn something new and be ready to improve their skills every day.


This point is closely related to the first, but it is about something else.  What is flexibility in teamwork?  Th is is primarily the ability to find a special approach to other people.  Avoiding conflict situations is difficult, but possible.  But flexibility is not only about this. It is also an opportunity to build a non-congested, flexible schedule, in which there is communication between employees in their free time, breaks, and not just one workflow. 

The number of people on the dedicated development team must also be flexible. No need to get used to one specific number.  When people leave or come it is completely natural.

Interest in what is happening

Each of those present should be sincerely interested in achieving the goals. When a person’s eyes are shining and he likes what he does, it’s worth a lot. 

When there is a genuine interest in what is happening, there is also a desire for the work to bring results, and for the customers to remain satisfied.


We think everyone passed the personality test.  There are strategists, commanders, diplomats, etc., and everyone is welcome in the team!  The variety of temperaments makes it possible to select different analytical solutions to one problem, to see the nuances from different angles, that is, they noticed perhaps something that is not visible to others.

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You are a creator and you are the one who chooses the model that suits you best.  This can be outsourcing, outstaffing, or an increase in the number of personnel.  A dedicated development team can take any shape and this is an important feature.  Together with dedicated software development, gather around you those people who will definitely meet the requirements!

It is with the creation of a reliable team that a great story begins and the beginning of something major!