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2D animations and everything to know about them

2d Animation

Process of designing 2d animations is the creativity of designing different objects, acting personages, their background in 2d spaces with determined tools for example After Effects and so on. 2d animations are determined by the fact that objects and personages are worked out in 2D space. These games have only the height and the width. This traditional type of animation has appeared since the 1800-s. Originally it has been worked out by the work frames where one picture follows the another picture a bit different from it. One second includes twenty four different frameworks.
We remember the cartoons of Disney, don’t we? They are for example Snow White, Bamby and so on. These cartoons are in the quantity of the most famous animations of 2D.
With the appearance of different IT technologies, work of designing 2D production was digitized due to the use of various 2d programs and the capability to depict personages and backgrounds on computer screens.
The feeling of action is designed with the fast changing of different pictures during time. Every second of an animation consists of twenty four scenes with some variations for demonstration of action of the personages or the other acts on screens. The animations of 2d are mostly watched in advertisements, video games, TV shows, mobile applications, websites or various films. For instance, in qualitative 2D animation game personages aren’t frozen and actions of personages get so real, that’s why players prefer to spend time playing these games.
Let’s discuss how the animations of 2d are designed. This process includes three main stages such as pre-production, production, and post-production. Now we will explain what aspects every one of them consists of.

3d Animation

The process of a pre-production

The prep or initial stage is the original step in working out the animations. At this initial level, a certain group of the designing of animations works out the certain story as well as the certain scripts of this project, works out personages, designs a storyboard of the animation, selects colours, designs this animation’s background, and a voiceover records. It is the important preparatory level for the manifest design modeling process, that’s why it should be done correctly.

The level of production

Producing is the process of directly designing animations by combining all prepared materials as well as working out scenes. It includes depicting a background, designing personalized scenes, personage acts, the working out draft-quality animations, tracing of an animation, intermediate, depicting, coloring of drawings of a composition, working out the certain software for modern computers, export.

The level of post-production

The stage of post-production is finishing producing work for designing 2 dimensional animations. At this level this animation is filled with recordings and the additional music effects that enhance the emotional tone of the prepared animations. After the preparation of this completed variant it becomes exported in the various formats.
Whether it’s animation 2d or animation 3d or other types of animations, the goal of the designers is creating it more attractive and real. But how can it make the lifeless pictures become alive and real? The Kevaru Games company’s animators propose its own help for creating such animations.

2d Animation2d Animation


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