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Ai.Robot | Everything You Need To Know About Ai In Robotics

ai robots

Do you think robotics and artificial intelligence are the same? No, they are different but related fields. In robotics different robots are made to perform diverse daily routine tasks more efficiently than a normal human. They need a human to operate them and are unable to work alone.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is the branch of the computer that makes software that imitates the human mind to make decisions. Robots can perform simple tasks easily but if you say that Ai robots can work like a human, they can because of AI. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world creating things that man had never thought of.

Ai robots have human life easy bearing heavy workloads in different companies, hotels, and hospitals. People love such kinds of machines and therefore they have a bright future. Now we will discuss ai.robot operation and the use of artificial intelligence in it.

Attractive Appearance

The first thing everybody notices is the appearance of a thing that is new to the market. Although other factors also have importance if the appearance of something new to the market then there are chances people will love it and accept it warmly.

If we talk about Ai robots, they look very beautiful as most of them are made like human structure machines, however, don’t have a complete resemblance. They are covered with tailor-made costumes that look amazing.

Although robots come in non-human structures as well most cases they are human so people accept them as their co-workers. I used the word co-workers because they work in different companies next to another human. They are not only machines because artificial intelligence has made them think and responding ability.

Ai robot consist of the head section which is a high-definition screen on which face emoji is present to represent that this is the face of the robot. It consists of the latest and millions of pixels camera, a depth camera, and another color recognizer camera that helps in visualization. When we see that a robot is going straight but suddenly moves left or right, it’s all because of high-capability sensors that help it to sense things and therefore move accordingly.

A high-quality processor installed works as the brain of the ai.robot. this processor is not like our computer or mobile processors but of something high-end extra gigahertz. It processes all the information it receives and produces results accordingly. These results come out as output in the form of voice. It answers according to the instructions installed and sometimes the response is similar to different questions.

There is a sensitive microphone used to capture sounds and send them to the processor which manipulates them. The microphone covers a very wide range and therefore it can detect faint noise as well.

To give response to someone’s questions, there is a speaker which generates sound according to instructions it receives from the brain and it is the mouth of ai.robot. the speaker used in robots is of extra high quality so that the receiver can hear the answer properly.

There are stable and solid wheels that act as the legs of an ai robot. There are best sensors installed there to recognize different obstacles and work smoothly without hitting anyone. There is a powerful battery installed in robots to charge them. Once a robot is get charged, it can work for many hours or sometimes more than a day depending upon the capacity of the battery installed.

Different Examples Of Ai Robots

There are different sorts of robots available in diverse places in which some of which are simple and some artificially intelligent. Here are some examples of ai robots,

Cobot (Non-Ai robot): It works according to the programming and there is no need for any human to stop it. Its work is to do assigned tasks repetitively.

Cobot (Ai robot): It is the advanced version of the previous cobot consisting of an improved Ai system. It has powerful sensors, cameras, and a processor. It makes decision instantly and produce satisfactory results.

Software robot: This robot performs tasks on diverse software and websites. They don’t have any physical existence since they are computer programs based on AI.


There comes a question to mind does an ai.robot brings only easiness? The answer is yes in most cases but also there are some steps needed to take to make their future more bright. Now if we talk about the uses or applications of ai robots, we see they have a vast range of applications however we will discuss some of them shortly.

  • A robot brings easiness to human life and helps in producing productive work. To make decisions more precise and accurate, a robot undergoes diverse steps of coding, designing, and physical structure.
  • Artificial intelligence robots are now part of human life and are human-friendly.
  • They are also used in diverse companies to perform simple repetitive daily routine tasks.
  • Artificial intelligence engines are used in GPS tracking systems
  • They are being used in different restaurants as food delivery persons.