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3 Unique and Unknown Greek Islands to Visit 

Greece welcomes roughly 30 million visitors each year, attracted by its enchanting islands, sandy beaches, rich history, and amazing Mediterranean cuisine. Greek islands are well-liked destinations, especially during the warm season. Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini are some of the trendy areas patronized by tourists. The good news is there are 277 islands in the country; you’ll be spoilt for choices. If you want to know relatively untouched islands, here are three gorgeous places worth exploring.

1. Authentic Kasos

The popular islands of Greece are known for their party vibe, tourism infrastructure, picturesque villages, and fantastic beaches. Famous people or celebrities frequently visit these places. On the southern tip of the Dodecanese islands, Kasos is nearly the opposite. However, its quiet streets are filled with local charm, welcoming residents, quaint tavernas and cafes, and rich history. It is a perfect place if you’re looking for something different while on an island tour.

Explore the main village of Fry with its narrow alleys and conventional architecture and visit the old pirate base of the port of Bouka. Afterwards, head to the Archeological Museum of Kasos and revel in its prehistoric exhibitions of coins, potteries, and inscriptions. Next, you can organize a visit to the natural Cave of Ellinokamara and see the large limestone blocks used to fortify it.

If you’re interested in Kasiot architecture and design, stop by the House of Ioulia Daskalaki. Kasos. It has many beautiful churches, chapels, and monasteries, including Agios Spyridon and the Monastery of Agios Georgios. Finally, don’t miss the island’s lovely beaches. Spend an afternoon in Kofteri Beach or drive to Antiperatos, four isolated beaches. If you get access to a boat, go to Marmaris in nearby Armathia, considered one of the most gorgeous in the Mediterranean.

2. Secluded Serifos

Another unassuming island yet to be discovered by mass tourism is Serifos which is part of the Cyclades islands. Visit its hilly capital, Chora, and take in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Explore boutiques and shops on narrow cobbled alleys and try the local cuisine.

Outside of the main town, you will see the remnants of old mines and ruins. Stop at the Monastery of Taxiarches for its ancient artifacts, murals, and manuscripts. If you’ve had enough sightseeing, sunbathe at Platis Gialos Beach, a wild strand of shoreline in the northern part of the island. Fancy an underwater shipwreck? Dive from Kalogeros Beach and check out a Spanish cargo steamship at the bottom of the Aegean. Indeed, Serifos is the ideal getaway for couples and families who wish to avoid crowds.

3. Serene Folegandros

Look no further if you want a romantic escapade and quiet time. Folegandros, sandwiched between Santorini and Paros in the southern Cyclades, is a beautiful destination. Immerse in its savage natural landscape and spend your time exploring secluded beaches. If you want to do something different, visit the whitewashed Panagia church or drive to Kastro, the Venetian quarter of the island’s capital. Folegandros is an excellent alternative if you’re after a relaxing break with someone special or your family.

Kasos, Serifos, and Folegandros are pristine and quiet islands that you can visit easily for a truly tranquil stay. Hopefully, they remain unspoiled, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living.