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5 Top Activities To Do In The UAE

5 Top Activities To Do In The UAE

The United Arab Emirates contains 7 emirates and all these forms a small country. UAE is full of exciting spots and places that are famous as tourist attractions all over the world. Before getting into the interesting things to do there, let’s know where is Dubai?

Where is Dubai?Dubai

Dubai is an emirate of the UAE and it is the most loved attraction by tourists. There are modern buildings, cultural spots, fancy restaurants, desserts; beaches, and everything that you would love to have on your tour to UAE. 

Top Activities To Do In UAE

1. Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa is famous worldwide as a living wonder and a vertical city. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it was developed by Emaar properties in Dubai. This building is made in the desert and Burj khalifa represents a beautiful combination of craftsmanship, engineering, and art.

The building is so beautifully made and was inaugurated in the year 2010.  The building was completed in six years and it is the first man-made tallest structure. 

2. The Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

The miracle garden situated in the UAE is a beautiful outdoor destination and it is famous in the world for its extravagant and unique display.  The miracle garden provides the state of the art services with VIP parking, open parking, ablution facility, first-aid corner, security room, separate sitting area, toilets, prayer rooms, and much more. While you are in UAE, you must visit this garden to enjoy its beauty and charm. 

3. Al Montazah ParkAl Montazah Park

Al Montazah Park is located in Sharjah. It is a water and amusement park and it is also regarded as the top family destination among all the tourist attractions in Sharjah. This park has leisure amenities and amazing water rides for children and elders to enjoy.

The park has an amazingly strategic location which makes it even more favorable to visit by the tourists. It is located near the governmental departments and can easily be accessible from the other emirates in the UAE.

The facilities in Al Montazah Park include disability bays, 500 parking lots, and much more facilities. The park also won the tourism excellence award back in 2014 and is still regarded to be one of the most favorite tourist destinations in UAE.

4. The Dubai Fountain
The Dubai fountain

The Dubai fountain presents a beautiful show of dancing water on music with colorful lights. The fountain rises to 500 feet and presents a beautiful dancing performance. This performance happens daily on the Burj Khalifa Lake that is spread on a 30-acre area. 

5. Sharjah MuseumSharjah museum

The Sharjah museum is the perfect demonstration of Islamic invention and culture. The museum shows Islamic civilization. The best thing about this tourist attraction is that it has a translated guide tour which lets people from different languages explore and understand the Islamic culture.

The exhibition is quite interesting and it makes the museum worth visiting by the tourists. Sharjah museum is located in Sharjah and it is one of the most liked and visited places in Sharjah.