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Why does the roof my mouth hurt when I eat food?

Roof Of Mouth Soreness and other problems

Accidently sipped from a hot tea and now feeling uncomfortable while having solid food? A sour tingling feeling on the roof of the mouth can appear due to some reasons. Mouths consist of a bony plate on the front and non bony plate on the back. The intake of food firstly passes these two areas. Soreness on the top of the mouth’s roof can occur due to a lack of water intake or accidentally eating too hot food or drink. It depends on how hot the food was or how long will take to heal.

Causes of soreness

There are multiple causes of roof of mouth sore in adults and children . There are multiple reasons that your mouth roof cam swell up some of the reasons are.

Due to injury

When you accidentally take a hot bite of food or a sip of hot tea, injury can occur on the roof of your mouth. It is the most common cause of a swollen roof. Some of the causes include

A sharp piece of food can cause a scratch

Drinking too hot item

Taking in solid food


When there is dehydration of water in our body, our mouth can dry up and thus cause sensitivity to anything we take in as food. This can be another reason for your swelling on the roof of your mouth. Some causes include

Alcohol intake

Due to some medications

Having too little water

Sweating due to exercise or hot days

Dehydration can also cause an imbalance of electrolytes and weaknesses can be increased.


Eating solid food

Why does the roof my mouth hurt when I eat food? The reason is when your mouth is already infected and you take in any solid food, it will hurt. Because all the muscles are interconnected you cannot just inhale or swallow your food but it will come in contact with the roof of your mouth. Have liquids or ice creams that will ease the pain and you can eat your food without getting hurt.



Usually when you eat food that keeps your stomach warm can even cause soreness. Due to too much warmness, your body can react to it in the form of mouth soreness. Eat healthily and avoid solid foods. In summers consume a lot of water and eat fruits. Drink water daily it will help you maintain the weight and with a healthy lifestyle as well


Usually, people wait for it to heal on its own after a weak. But if you are imitated and cannot have food there are some treatment you should follow

The ointment is the best way to get rid of a swollen roof of the mouth. There are many ointments available in the market which works like magic and you relief in a short time.

If you are allergic to putting ointment in your mouth, home remedies are the best option

Honey is one of the best ingredients which can ease the pain. Drinking green tea can also be helpful. Increase your water intake.

If it takes more than the usual time to heal or you are experiencing other symptoms alongside,, then you should consult a doctor. Because a prolonged swollen mouth roof can be an indication of bad news.