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How To Get Fit While Watching TV

One of the most dangerous things you can do to affect your body is sitting too much. We tend to put our bodies at risk when we sit down watching a few episodes of our favorite TV series. Sitting down for a long time is literally a death sentence.

Research shows that 22 minutes of life is shortened after every one hour of watching TV. Hence, the risk of premature death is increased by up to 40% when you sit down up to 11 hours a day.

Another study that focused on 4 million participants and 68,936 cancer patients found that there is an increase in the risk of lung cancer after sitting for too long. It further showed that endometrial and colon cancer are also common with people who sit for long hours.

However, there are a few ways to stay fit while not having to give up your favorite TV shows.



We all love to take some time to unwind after a hectic and stressful day. Here are a few ways you can keep fit while watching TV.

  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF COMMERCIAL BREAKS: Most commercial breaks last for a few minutes. These minutes can accumulate into something substantial after an hour watching your favorite show every night. You can get active during all commercial breaks.

You can take those minutes to run up the stairs and back or jog in the same spot. Practicing this during commercial breaks will keep you fit while you enjoy your TV shows.

    When considering the effective options to exercise different parts of your body, you should consider circuit routines. For circuit routines that are TV-friendly, swap to another form of exercise after every conversation or scene ends.

You can change from lunges or skipping rope to jumping jacks or lifting weights. Make sure that every piece of equipment that you will need to perform each routine is beside you. This will ensure that you change exercises quickly.

  • LUNGES AND SQUATS: Lunges and squats are amazing routines to practice while watching TV. They help tone the lower parts of the body and strengthen your core while you watch your favorite shows on TV.

Several groups of muscles are worked on at the same time when these routines are performed accurately. Your balance, thigh, and butt muscles are also stretched when doing these routines. Hence, you will get total body toning that will look like you used products from the 120kgs website.

  • YOGA: Yoga is the most amazing fitness routine when it comes to exercises that can be performed anywhere. You can practice yoga at the gym or in front of your TV. Yoga is a great option to build body flexibility, strength, and balance. However, you may not be able to enjoy its stress-reducing and emotional benefits because your attention is on TV. You will remain active while watching amazing TV shows if you choose to practice yoga simultaneously.

Keeping yourself active while having fun and watching TV shows is a great way to keep your body fit and healthy.