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Very Early Signs of Pregnancy in Women

early signs of pregnancy

When a woman goes through some signs which are usually common among women, these signs relates to the pregnancy. If a woman misses a period, then it can be a sign of pregnancy, but this sign is not the only sign of pregnancy as missing a period can relate to different issues regarding to the health of woman’s body. So, if a woman misses her period and along with that there are other signs that could relate to the pregnancy then the woman should go for a pregnancy test to confirm that.

Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

These early signs of pregnancy are, first sign is the most common one which we have discussed before is the missing of period. The second sign is the feeling of vomiting or nausea which is quite often during the early phase of pregnancy. Another sign which the most common sign during the pregnancy is also is the swelling of breasts. If you feel that your breasts are getting bigger in size and along with that you are experiencing nausea and vomiting, then it is the early phase of pregnancy.

The increasing size of the breasts is due to hormonal changes happening due to the pregnancy. The breasts seem to be bigger and feel like they are full. This is due to production of milk inside the breasts which makes the breasts big and full. There is also slight pain around the nipple area due to this, but this pain goes away after starting few weeks of pregnancy. Other signs may include the repetition of headaches and dizziness which is due to weakness that comes with the early phase of pregnancy.

Weakness is due to the low blood sugar and blood pressure which drains the energy away from the woman’s body. This causes weakness and tiredness all the time due to which there are also rise of mood swings at this time which can be carried out through the whole pregnancy.

Other Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are some other signs which may vary from woman to woman during their phase of pregnancy. These signs are, slight bleeding or also known as cramping. This type of bleeding is of small spots of blood and the color of blood is light as compared to the blood of normal periods. Some women may feel regular cramps pain during this slight bleeding. There is also rise in body temperature, this starts when the ovulation phase starts inside the woman’s body. This ends when the ovulation ends but remains if the eggs are fertilized by the sperms then the body temperature stays higher than normal due to the fertilization of the egg.

If you are feeling or experiencing these signs, then you can have a pregnancy test to confirm it. If there is any sign during pregnancy which comes with issues and you don’t feel comfortable then you should have a checkup from the doctor that can help you with that. Other than that, these signs are common among the women during the early phase of pregnancy.