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How to get your MacBook repaired if it is not working?

Nowadays everybody owns a mechanical device of their own. Whether that device is of very high quality, or of low quality, a time will come when it will stop working. Mac is a new favorite device of people. But when it stops working, it feels like a heartbreak. Nonetheless, it can be repaired.

How can my MacBook be repaired?

First thing you need to do is to make a reservation at store of Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You need to make an appointment and before that make sure that you remember your Apple ID and password. They will most likely send you a box which you can use for the shipment of your MacBook to the Apple Repair Center. Company tries to fix the problem as soon as possible. You can even check the status of your device repairment online.

Water damage:

Sometimes your device stops working due to the liquid that entered in your MacBook. If such problems happen, turn off your Mac immediately and try to disconnect the battery. If the quantity of water isn’t much and haven’t entered into your device much deep, then it is possible that a simple cleaning by a professional of will fix it.

Broken screen:

If the screen of your MacBook has been broken, send it to the Apple store so that they can repair it. You can even send it to nearby MacBook pro repairs

that do professional work. There are chances that screens will be in stock and repairment of your device will be done quickly. If the retina of your device is damaged, then it will take more time than usual.

Keyboard problem:

Apple has started a new service program across the worldwide which say that the different models of MacBook and MacBook pro repairs are now prepared with low-profile and butterfly mechanism keyboard. It is because a small percentage of keyboards can develop several issues such as:

  • Disappearing of letters and characters
  • Sticky and inconsistent manner of keys

Now the new services of Apple are providing keyboards of MacBook and MacBook pro free of charge. Process involves the replacement of one or more keys or even the whole keyboard. Replacement of keyboard is needed if it is damaged due to liquid or some physical damage. It can even happen by the attempted keycap repair.


If the damage happens under the warranty session, then the fixation will be done free. But if the time of warranty is done and your device need some repair then the price depends on the type of damage and its fixation.