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Professional Designer

Instagram is not just a platform for communication and sharing pictures. It is more than that. Recently, it has emerged as an eCommerce platform wherein you can buy and sell products and find collaborators to work with. Professional designers are one such category of people that flourish on this platform, and Instagram is the perfect platform for these guys to showcase their skills and talents.

Here are some tips and ideas to get eyes lured towards your account.

Build a strong Instagram bio

You must attract the right audience to your posts to build an online audience. Let your bio be short but to the point, and through it, let people understand what you work with and what they can expect from you when they collaborate with you. Always add a link to your website and a call to action because if the audience wants to know more about you and your work, they will not think twice before clicking on the link and understand more about your work. This is a very professional step and will help you get a real audience interested in working with you.

 Create a community for yourself

There isn’t any harm in interacting with your community; instead, the power of the interaction is very high on this platform. Tell your audience you care and work for them and must win their hearts. You can start with giveaways and competitions wherein you act as an influential factor to tell the audience that you are authentic and highly creative. For instance, if you are involved in interior designing, you can create a giveaway post wherein you select from those that comment on your post and make a customized gift for this Instagrammer. Posts like these generate a lot of hype and are shared multiple times to bring you the audience you need.

Increase your target audience

No, this doesn’t come easy and fast. Still, it would be best if you tried every marketing strategy to help you grab a set amount of target audience that will benefit you. For instance, you can sign up with recognized digital marketing agencies that will help you increase your Instagram followers.

All you have to do is get more Instagram followers or other services, such as get start with 25 likes on Instagram

and focus only on your work. Otherwise, you can build your audience from scratch by adding a lot of humor and concepts related to your audience. If there is something that you post on Pinterest, then you can get wordy and play with it. You are a designer and know how to use graphics and colors to showcase them on different platforms.

 Collaborate with known designers

It would be best if you collaborated with people already in this industry to find new audiences and increase your Instagram followers or those who will interact with you through Instagram likes, comments, and shares. For instance, if you combine with the designer for graffiti, then that designer has a set number of audience who get introduced to you.

As a result, you build a bigger audience by convincing them to interact with your posts and work. While it may take some time, you will always get there if there is dedication, patience, and hard work.

 Learn about new features and filters given by Instagram

Instagram has provided a list of features and filters for editing and recreation. All you have to do is learn how to incorporate these features into your work, and once you know to do so, nothing will stop you from flourishing on this platform. For any normal Instagrammer, a black and white filter would be the best one when they’re looking for a portrait black and white picture.

But for a professional designer, the contrast, sharpness, angles, and even brightness matter. You will become a professional designer on this platform if you learn to crack these skills well.

The bottom line

There are two parts to becoming a professional designer on Instagram. The first part is showcasing your work and getting credits for it or being recognized by your audience, and the second part is how you furnish your designer skills so that you convince more and more people of your work. These parts go hand in hand, and it is a cycle that continues one after the other.

Only if you have the skills and the desire to click on the right minds will you see those right minds following you and sharing your content to high magnitudes.