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Natural Beauty Tips That No One Told You

Natural Beauty Tips That No One Told You

As you age, one of the most daunting challenges is aging skin. Anyone would love to get their hands
on natural beauty tips that can ensure that their skin does not age with them. Some of the most
effective tips are given below:

1. Stop Smoking

Broken cigarettes and tobacco. Quit smoking now

Smoking is an established cause of premature skin aging and stopping smoking as soon as
possible is one way to stop the aging process.

2. Tanning Salons and Sunbathing Need to be Stopped

Tanning Salons and Sunbathing Need to be Stopped

The time period between 10 in the morning till 20 in the afternoon, sun rays are at their
strongest, and excessive exposure to sunlight at this time can cause early skin aging. If you do
have to leave, wear protective gear like long-sleeved shirts, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
Sun exposure is known to cause blotchy skin and age spots.

3. Make a Habit of Using Sunscreen

Make a Habit of Using Sunscreen

Sunscreens have a minimum of 7% zinc oxide and a minimum of 30 SPF. The products
you use should have UVA and UVB protection. One of the main causes of wrinkled skin and
blotchy skin complexion is sun exposure.

4. Keep a Lookout for Skin Cancer

Keep a Lookout for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be one of the reasons why your skin is aging very early so any unexpected
change should be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.

5. Keep Your Skin Moist

Keep Your Skin Moist

Dry skin is more prone to aging problems so it is useful to regularly use moisturizing lotions
and soaps. To naturally hydrate your skin, increase your water intake.

6. Maintain a Healthy and Water-rich Diet

Healthy and Water-rich Diet

Good nutrition is the key to healthy skin. Increasing water-intake since a young age is one
way to ensure that your skin does not age and wrinkle as quickly.

7. Use Anti-aging Creams

Use Anti-aging Creams

Ani-aging creams are very useful for people who are aged 50 or above. Collagen is one of the
main components for a firm and healthy skin. Anti-aging creams and lotions have
pentapeptides that increase the production of collagen by skin cells. Alternatively, you can
also rely on prescription treatments.

8. Skin Treatments are Also an Option

Spa Salon: Young Beautiful Woman Having Different Facial Treatment.

Botox injections or Dysport are the solution of wrinkles in the top one-third portion of the
face. Freckles or fine lines can be removed with the help of chemical peels that also make
the skin smoother. This treatment is particularly effective surrounding the eyes and mouth.

Wrinkle fillers may also be used to erase these lines. Ultrafine lines can be erased using
micro-needling or microdermabrasion. These procedures also enhance skin complexion,
color, and tone. Laser surfacing helps sun-damaged, wrinkled, or scarred skin.

Enhancing Eyelashes

Enhancing Eyelashes

Who wouldn’t want long eyelashes over stubby and short ones? Extensions are seen as a common
solution to the dilemma but this is only temporary. Natural tips for making lashes longer include the
following procedures:

1. Natural Oils

use natural oils for lashes

Some oils are known to be very effective in increasing the length of eyelashes naturally.
These oils include castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lavender essential, and lemon oil.

Use a coat of this oil on your eyelashes, starting from the bottom to the top. In doing so,
you must be careful not to pull out the lashes accidentally.

2. Eyelash Serums

Eyelash Serums

Eyelash serums applied over the lash area can increase the length and thickness of the hairs.
However, when using this method, you should have sufficient information about lash serums
before you proceed.

3. Use Natural Lash Serum Made at Home

Use Natural Lash Serum Made at Home

Lash serums are made of a combination of natural oils and homemade oil blends can also be
used alternatively. When making homemade lash serums, you can combine those you find
best, with the best scents.

4. Regularly Massage Your Lashes

Frequent massaging can enhance blood-flow and thereby promote the growth of hair naturally.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

1. Hydrating Masks are Helpful

Hydrating Masks are Helpful

There are a number of hydrating masks that can be used to keep your skin hydrated but you
must find reliable ones that can keep your skin hydrating all day long.

2. Use Adaptogens

Use Adaptogens

Adaptogen use can make your immune system strong, reduce stress, and increase fertility.

3. Take Water-rich Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables have 90% more water than ordinary food sources and thus are the
best of keeping the skin hydrated.

4. Increase the Intake of Water and Electrolytes

Increase the Intake of Water and Electrolytes

Electrolytes is the term used to refer to those chemicals that can conduct electricity when
there are dissolved in water. Electrolytes are essential for everyone. Electrolytes result in
much longer-lasting hydration.

Self-made Lip Scrub

Lip balms may seem to be one effective treatment for dry lips, but these are only temporary. Lip
scrubs are much more effective. Lip scrubs can mak the skin of your lips smooth and scrubb of
chapped skin

1. Sugar Scrub

Home Made sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar scrubs are the easiest solution for dry lips. You can mix honey, coconut oil, and brown
sugar to make a solution. This, when applied gently over the lips, works like magic. The sugar
works like an exfoliator while the honey moisturizes it.

2. Coffee ScrubHome Made Coffee Lip Scrub


Coffee scrubs are effective making lips more flush and enhancing their colour.

3. Mint Scrub

Home Made Mint Lip Scrub


A mint scrub is a good alternative to coffee scrub if you find the smell of coffee scrubs

4. Honey Scrubs

A mixture of olive oil, baking soda, and honey can also be used as a lip scrub.