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How to get 1000 followers on Instagram – Unpaid, Paid and Combined Growth Strategy

how to get 1000 followers on Instagram

Instagram’s popularity is soaring these days. It is also becoming an essential component for huge sales and establishing recognition for your business. In addition, succeeding in an online business or a career on Social Media is not possible without an active Instagram account. Currently, over a billion Instagrammers worldwide seek new content each day or are looking for a way to get the spotlight.

Many empires have been established with Instagram and have given birth to multiple millionaires in the 21st century. One of the examples includes the Kardashians. They are an icon on social media which has governed their business, helping them reach great heights.

Talent is no longer the only thing that people seek in an individual. These days people are attracted and influenced by individuals with more Instagram followers. Therefore, the quest to become popular is incomplete without strategizing a plan to increase followers on Instagram. You may find a private Instagram viewer on Jonathon Spire’s blog to get some more details about how Instagram works these days. Yes, there is no secret to becoming popular as every individual knows that Instagram is the fastest tool that will help you reach your goal.

Many models, fashion bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, brands, business services, and more are greatly benefiting from the growing space of Instagram. It is a platform of opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored.

Now that you are aware of the importance of Instagram, you might wonder how to get 1000 followers on Instagram. The question is legible; however, there are no straight answers.

Firstly, there are two ways of growing your Instagram followers viz Unpaid and Paid Strategies. While the former is effective, the latter is effective and faster. Here is a brief comparison between Unpaid and Paid Instagram’s growth strategy and its impact on your business.

Unpaid Growth Strategy 

Yes, it is possible to grow your Instagram followers with unpaid strategies. Many beginners wonder how to get more followers on Instagram with unpaid growth. You can carry out multiple growth strategies that don’t burden you with costs; however, they cannot guarantee your success. For instance, when you ask your friends to repost, there is no guarantee to attract new traffic. That being said, the most effective way of growing your Instagram followers is with paid and unpaid strategies.

Here are some tips for growing your Instagram followers without spending a penny for those who wish to learn more about unpaid growth strategies.

1. Collaborations

The easiest way to attract traffic for free to your Instagram account is by collaborating. You can get unpaid collaborations with local businesses or convince other brands to collaborate with you. This will help you exchange traffic and promote growth. However, this strategy is effective only when you have attractive posts and at least 500 followers.

2. Keep consistency

You can grow your Instagram followers once your audience feels you deserve their attention. You can achieve this by posting consistently and maintaining engagement. Your audience expects you to entertain them and be punctual in your posting schedule. If you aren’t consistent, you will lose followers and impact your reputation.

3. Create attractive content

Creating engaging content is a huge asset in social media engagement. When your posts get viral by increasing the number of reshares, it can boost traffic and increase your Instagram followers. It is an effective strategy and one of the most efficient unpaid growth strategies.

4. Organize Challenges/Contests

Challenges and Contests are the best way to increase engagement dramatically. You can organize challenges and contests that promote your product or services. This will allow you to attract traffic and increase followers on Instagram.

5. Engage with your audience

Engaging with your existing audience is a good strategy to improve retention. For instance, your existing follower count will remain consistent when the followers feel that you acknowledge their contribution to your account. Engagement tactics include replying to DMs and comments and posting interactive IG stories.

6. Kickstart by requesting friends and family to follow you.

You can kick start your Instagram followers and get your first 100 followers by requesting friends, families, and relatives follow your account. This will give you an instant boost and kickstart your career on Instagram.

Even though these strategies are effective, the process is quite slow, and your competitors will go ahead of you.

Paid Growth Strategy 

Unpaid growth strategies for gaining Instagram followers are indeed effective to the extent that you will lose precious time. However, time takes precedence in social media engagement in order to be ahead of your competitors, especially when you are launching yourself or your brand on Instagram.

Multiple paid growth strategies offer instant growth results. This includes paid advertising, hiring digital marketing agencies, and many more. However, one of the most effective and instant Instagram growth strategies is to buy Instagram followers. Yes, that’s right, when you buy Instagram followers, you can instantly bump up your followers count to 1K followers, which you desire.

You can also buy Instagram likes and gain instant traffic. However, you also need to make your profile presentable beforehand and post engaging content. This will increase your retention rate. When you buy Instagram followers that are organic, you will see tremendous growth provided you keep your profile presentable and post engaging content.

Things to remember when you consider to buy followers on Instagram

There are multiple factors to consider when you decide to buy Instagram followers. Firstly, you will be investing a certain amount of money. Apart from this, you are also making a decision that will impact your performance on social media and establish a consistent image.

While it seems easier to get your first 1000 followers, the idea is not as simple as you think. The major aspect of buying followers on Instagram is that you buy it from a provider with years of professional experience and know what they are doing. Here are some recommended tips to buy your first 1000 Instagram followers.

1. High-Quality and Organic followers

You should always buy real active Instagram followers from services that guarantee organic followers. Organic followers are responsible for retaining your Instagram followers count. High-quality followers refer to followers that are highly active on Instagram, which will help you improve your engagement rate. Suppose you choose to buy Instagram followers from a site that doesn’t provide organic followers to put your whole strategy off track. Hence, beware of this aspect.

2. Testimonials and Reviews

The market is quite polluted with scammers, especially when you buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram followers services. The best way to establish the site’s authenticity is by checking client testimonials and reviews. This will give you insights on whether you should buy Instagram followers from that service.

3. Consultation and Goals

Look for services that also provide you with consultation and help you understand your goals. Many services help you understand your Instagram goals. For instance, if you seek to make a debut, buying 1000 followers is a great option.

Combined Growth Strategy

Well, it is true that paid strategy gives instant results and is quite effective. However, if you are seeking for a bulletproof plan that passes all barriers to reach popularity, then the combined strategy is the best approach. Yes, combined strategy refers to paid and unpaid strategies. There is a very good reason for this, especially when you are looking for long-term retention and instant growth.

For instance, when you buy Instagram followers and have not created an engaging profile, the followers you buy will fail. This will drop your retention rate, and your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, a combined strategy of paid and unpaid approaches will help you effectively reach your goals on Instagram.

It is logical that paid and unpaid strategies are dependent. However, if you only go with either of these, it will impact your growth. For example, paid strategy to buy Instagram followers will provide instant growth; however, if you pack the knowledge of engaging with your audience, your campaign will be a total failure.

Hence, it is important to take precautions and create a bulletproof plan to achieve success on a competitive platform like Instagram.

What do Instagram followers project to the masses?

You might wonder about the importance of Instagram followers and why you should consider buying them. It is a legible question, and understanding the importance of Instagram followers will help you strategize your plans efficiently. Instagram followers project an image of popularity, authenticity, and legitimacy. These are important aspects of growing your social capital and establishing a positive front on social media. Many brands have benefitted from its popularity and loyalty. Instagram followers also reflect loyalty, attracting others to trust you.

Furthermore, having a higher count of Instagram followers will also guarantee you views and likes on your posts. Hence, it is important to grow your Instagram followers as it symbolizes authenticity, legitimacy, and popularity.

Why is it necessary to start small with your Instagram followers?

It is important to take baby steps and not make any rash decisions at the beginning of your Instagram growth. For instance, you cannot make Instagram followers and buy 10K followers instantly. This will greatly impact your future performance and will put you off track. On the other hand, if you buy around 1000 followers at the beginning of your Instagram debut, it is a wise decision and will kickstart your career. Hence, you need to start small and savor every moment of little successes until you reach the top of fame and fortune.

The strategy behind your first 1000 followers

The first 1000 followers on your Instagram are quite important. It is like getting a booster at the beginning of your game. Projecting a professional front on Instagram demands you to post creative content. However, it also demands that you have at least 1K followers and likes on your posts to achieve organic growth. Therefore, the best way to achieve this is by buying 1000 Instagram followers. The first 1000 followers on Instagram will kick start your social media journey and help you reach great heights.

Hence, follow these strategies and grow your empire on social media. The world awaits to see you grow and become successful on Instagram.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 1 minute?

You can easily get 1000 followers on Instagram in 1 minute with platforms that help you buy Instagram followers. First, you have to provide your username, specify the number of followers, and complete the payment. After that, the followers will be delivered to your Instagram account instantly.

How to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram?

Unless you have around 1000 friends whom you personally know and family members, then calling them up and asking them to follow you is the best strategy. However, if you don’t, the best approach is to buy Instagram followers. It is the quickest and easiest way to kick-start your social media journey.

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram Reddit?

Instagram Reddit is a platform to get free tips and tricks on growing your IG page and improving your engagement rate. So you can easily buy 1000 Instagram followers and achieve your IG goals.

How long does it take to get 1000 followers on Instagram?

There are two answers to this question. First, if you seek to grow your IG page with organic strategies, there is no constant growth graph that projects when you will reach 1000 followers. However, you can instantly receive 1000 followers on your IG page when you buy Instagram followers. You can also buy Instagram likes.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

You can easily get more followers on Instagram by buying more IG followers or implementing organic growth strategies. This answers your question on how to get more followers on Instagram.