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What Groups Make Use Of Vehicle Delivery Services?

What Groups Make Use Of Vehicle Delivery Service

Vehicle delivery services are essential cogs in the automotive industry’s logistical machine. Take a long drive down any of America’s huge highways and you’ll be very likely to see at least one vehicle delivery service truck lumbering towards its destination laden with cars or vans. Here are five groups that consistently make use of vehicle delivery services.


Original Equipment ManufacturerOEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the Automotive industry, an Original Equipment Manufacturer is any company that produces vehicles or vehicle parts that are then marketed as consumer goods. Vehicle manufacturers have traditionally consolidated parts manufacturing so that their products are produced entirely by companies within their control, but some specialist parts like exhausts or onboard computers are still sometimes manufactured by 3rd party groups. Original Equipment manufacturers make use of vehicle delivery services for all sorts of reasons. Transporting vehicles to finishing plants, transporting finished products to retailers, and transporting bulky parts to be fitted onto chassis can all be completed by a vehicle delivery service.


Individuals also use Vehicle Transport Service

Sometimes car transport companies can prove extremely useful to individuals wanting to move high-value vehicles to a new home. Professional car transport companies are typically fully insured and very experienced with safely moving vehicles, so they make perfect sense as a solution to moving rare vehicles. Classic racing cars, for instance, are not typically road legal. In order to transport them, they need to be mounted on another vehicle. Most car transport companies have enclosed trucks designed for moving precious vehicles without exposing them to the elements.

American car enthusiasts have to deal with particularly stringent road legality laws, which mean that many highly desirable foreign cars are not able to be driven home after they are purchased from overseas. Car transport companies offer a way of getting imported, road-banned vehicles home.


Car auctions are a popular way of finding rare and unusual vehicles for sale. Auctioneers need to be able to pick up cars from various locations and transport them to an auction house or showroom. This usually involves contracting a 3rd party transportation company, as owning specialized transportation vehicles can prove to be a very expensive proposition.

Auto Remarketing Companies

Auto remarketing companies specialize in the marketing and sale of vehicles that once belonged to fleets. Ex-police, ambulance, and logistics vehicles are all sold by auto remarketing companies, which can often offer ex-fleet cars discount prices due to their former uses. Transporting whole fleets of cars from depots typically involves the use of a vehicle delivery service.

Fleet Management Companies

Fleet management is a fine art. Specialized fleet management companies help organizations save fuel, manage risk and finance their fleets. Careful and strategic management of a fleet can save organizations huge quantities of cash. This often entails the transportation of a large number of vehicles – minimizing the number of staff companies need to hire to drive individual vehicles that are not actively helping them profit.

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