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9 Popular Face Emoji Expressions You Should Use!

Do you enjoy including emojis or emoticons in your messages or posts? If you answered yes, this post is for you. Emojis are tiny graphics that are used in messaging applications and websites as pictograms, smileys, logograms, or ideograms. Everyone enjoys utilizing emojis. That is why emojis are all over the place. It’s an amazing way to express yourself creatively.

These days, it’s hard not to come across emoticons on social media. Face emoji expressions are the most common and widely used emojis on the internet, such as the face emoji with hand over mouth that shows a shocked face and an emoji with symbols on the face. Emojis, however, are not just smileys as there are also for animals, food, flags, and many more. Each emoji has a distinct meaning depending on its use. Now, let’s discuss some face emojis with unique expressions.

  1. Face With Hand Over Mouth

If you get a message that surprised you, then this emoji would probably be the one you will be using. Furthermore, senders typically use this to indicate a devious reaction or to remain clandestine. The face emoji with hand over mouth shows a shocking expression. This emoji appears differently on other devices. It has smiling eyes and blushing cheeks on Windows, Google, and Twitter, but wide-open eyes on Apple and Facebook.

  1. Shocked Face With Exploding Head

We have another shocked face expression on our list! This emoji is a visual representation of the word mind blown, and it can symbolize feelings such as surprise, amazement, shock, and astonishment. When life leaves you flabbergasted, use the Shocked Face with Exploding Head emoji to express your emotion. People use this emoji for other feelings or emotions. This Exploding Head emoji can also represent a migraine or splitting headache that is so severe that it is causing your head to explode!

  1. Face With Monocle

This emoji features a yellow face with eyebrows raised and a monocle. The Face With Monocle emoji is also known as the Questioning emoji Curious Face emoji. This emoji may indicate that someone is contemplating, thinking about, or questioning something, perhaps with a cynical or satirical observation or suggesting a closer look at a certain topic. The Face with Monocle emoji became part of the Unicode 10.0 and Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

  1. Face With Crossed-Out Eyes

This emoji is the third shocked face emoji expression on our list! However, while this emoji appears to be a surprised expression, most people recognize it as a dizzy face. On most platforms, this emoji depicts a face with Xs or spirals for eyes, raised eyebrows, and its mouth open in a little O. But, on Facebook, it has a purple head. This emoji can indicate intense shock, disbelief, surprise, and amazement, as well as nausea, intoxication, and sickness. So if you went out for a party and had a great night, this would probably be you the next day. 

  1. Anxious Face With Sweat

If you want to convey a message with a feeling of sadness, anxiety, fear, or disappointment, use this emoji. It became part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This emoji depicts a face with small, frowning eyes, furrowed brows, and a pale blue forehead with a single dripping bead of cold sweat. On other devices, like Samsung, it shows its teeth and tongue. This emoji also has a similar meaning to the Sad but Relieved Face emoji. 

  1. Confounded Face

This is one of those emojis that people are unsure of how to utilize. So what is the meaning of this emoji? This emoji depicts a scrunched-up face with X-shaped eyes and a wrinkled mouth as if whimpering in frustration or keeping back its tears. The Confounded Face also appears different on other devices. On Twitter and Microsoft, this emoji has furrowed eyebrows, while on Facebook, it has a purple head. Because of this, people sometimes use this emoji along with the Face with Crossed-Out Eyes emoji. 

  1. Face With Steam From Nose

Are you upset or irritated lately but not expressing it? Then this emoji is probably you. The Face with Steam From Nose emoji became part of the Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This emoji is also known as the Face with Look of Triumph emoji. It has closed eyes, a deep frown, wrinkled brows, and two blasts of steam streaming out of its nostrils. People use this emoji to represent great displeasure or irritation towards someone or something. It might also evoke feelings of rage or resentment.

  1. Weary Face

Are you feeling exhausted and worn out these days? Send this emoji to them to let them know how you feel. The Weary Face emoji became part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010, and in 2015, they added it to Emoji 1.0. This emoji depicts a sorrowful face with furrowed brows, closed eyes, and a mouth that has been down turned into an open grimace. This Wear Face emoji also has a similar meaning with the Tired Face emoji but has different shaped eyes. People also used this to express boredom or dissatisfaction with the topic.

  1. Face With Symbols on Mouth

There are instances when we are irritated with a message, and this emoji would definitely capture our expression. But there are also messages that don’t need our reply, so just send this angry emoji instead. This emoji shows an angry-red face with a black rectangle bar and white symbols covering its mouth, signifying that it is cursing or acting inappropriately. This symbol is also known as the Cursed Emoji or the Swearing emoji. The Face with Symbols on Mouth emoji became part of the Unicode 10.0 in 2017. This is also known as Serious Face with Symbols Covering Mouth.


These emojis are popular for their unique expressions, and people are glad that these face emojis expressions exist. Emojis are a lot of fun to use, especially when making creative social media posts or interacting with your friends online. Are your favorite face emoji expressions made on this list? There are more face emoji expressions, and you should check them out.