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7 reasons to use animated storytelling in your video marketing that you don’t know

There are fundamentally two goals that any business is trying to achieve through its video marketing campaigns. First, to garner the attention of the audience. And second is to create a lasting impression in their minds so that they can remember the brand and hopefully try its products at some point. 

However, in the current competitive climate, brands are competing for an ever-shrinking attention span of audiences. It does not matter how good a video is, its impact pales in comparison as viewers are constantly bombarded with content. 

As a result, it becomes crucial for businesses to create content that is both attractive and unique. And Animated videos can be your best bet to achieve that. Animation checks all the right boxes when it comes to hooking audiences. According to Explain Ninja, a whiteboard animation video can provide 68% more return in comparison to Google ads. 

Animated videos allow you to tell your brand story potently and compellingly. In a simple yet engaging way, animations communicate what you do as a business. But before we delve deeper into why you should embrace animation, let’s first find out why storytelling and video format is crucial for businesses.

Video + Story = Winning combination

For any business, the use of video format is a must.  A 3-minute long explainer video can convey a lot more information than pages and pages of text. Not only that, more and more customers are relying on videos about a brand or its products. Thus, videos should be an essential part of your content strategy. 

Another aspect that businesses should pay attention to is storytelling. Try imbibing storytelling in your videos to make them more engaging and persuasive. You can use stories to effectively convey your thoughts, ideas, and vision for the enterprise. 

Most importantly, storytelling is a tool that can get an audience emotionally invested in the character’s journey. Here, the character is the brand. By sharing your story with the audience, you can invite them to accompany you on this journey. Gradually, they will get acquainted with your day-to-day struggles. It will humanize your brand and develop trust among the audience. Still, it’s not easy to create the perfect mix of stories and video. Hence why businesses must invest in Find a best explainer video company and rely on the skills and expertise it offers.

So it’s now clear that video accompanied by narrative storytelling is a potent combination. But what happens when animation is thrown into the mix? Following are some of the reasons why your video marketing campaigns should use animated storytelling.

Reasons why animated storytelling can be a game changer in video marketing-

1. Animation invokes an emotional response in viewers

There is a reason why everyone loves cartoons when they are young. Even after growing up no one ever really detests cartoons. It’s because we strongly associate our childhood with those images. Hence, we feel a certain emotional connection with those images. 

An animated video triggers an emotional response in the viewers. They feel a similar sense of joy watching an animated brand video as they used to get watching cartoons. Animation deftly combines artistic creativity, innovative skills, and compelling narrative to present a brand’s vision and goals. This makes it easier for the brand to endear itself to viewers. If you want to nurture trust and brand loyalty among your audience, then animated videos should be your go-to option.

2. Animation helps your brand to stand out

It is hard for any piece of content to drive consistent attention unless one of these two things are happening:

  • Either the content is exceptionally unique in its concept, or
  • There is ample money being thrown at it to make it so omnipresent that people can’t help but notice. 

Thus, you need all the help you can get to stand out. And animation can be of immense help. By creating your unique style of animation, you can make sure you stand out among your competitors. Every designer brings their particular animation style to the table. You can use their ingenuity to create something truly special and original for your brand.

3. Animation helps viewers to retain more information

video story telling

Given how effective animation is at communicating a story through pleasant visuals, businesses should use it at every given opportunity. Audiences can better process complex information if you break it down with the help of animated visuals.

Particularly in explainer videos, where hard-to-grasp topics are explained, the animation is a must to make the content more palatable, easy-to-understand, unconstrained, and memorable for the viewers. The sweet characters are a bonus for the audiences to have fun as they learn.

4. Animation help raise conversions

Animation videos are instantly engaging. Therefore, you should host animated videos on your website. This way, there would be a higher chance that visitors would watch the video all the way through and respond to the call to action. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely he is going to convert into a client. 

5. Animation as long-term intellectual property

This is an undeniable advantage of using animation in your video marketing. Say you invest in creating an animated mascot for your brand, it is always going to be there. Its lifespan, unlike humans, is not limited and will likely be giving your returns 100 years from now.

This is not limited to just animated characters. Everything that you create through animation can exist outside the scope of the brand and could be used on multiple different platforms. You can leverage different aspects of animation, including but not limited to, designs, visuals, even the colour palette.

Say you have managed to create something unique and original using animation. Then, you can license it and create a whole ecosystem of associated products around it. You can then monetize these digital assets and earn revenue from them.

6. Animation captures what live-action videos cannot

Everything that exists physically, or at least what is visible to the naked eye, can be captured in a camera. But what if you have to explain an abstract idea to your audience?

Animation is a brilliant tool to encapsulate and visually express abstract ideas. For instance, if you want to discuss something related to cryptocurrency, a live-action video of someone talking about crypto would not do the needful. On the other hand, you can creatively use animation to break down each aspect of cryptocurrency in detail.

7. Animation can tailor videos to match the tone of the message

Sometimes the message or theme you are trying to convey in your video can get muddied. It may happen because your choice of format is not well-suited to the tone of your message. For instance, you want to make an explainer video for the employees working in your organization. The video intends to make people more aware of the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Having real people in the video may limit the scope of the video, as people may become cautious, making them not explore the entire emotional spectrum of the topic. But with animation, you can explore the topic in-depth without making anyone feel uncomfortable.


Hopefully, these reasons are enough to get you on board with the animated storytelling train. You might have to face some challenges in the beginning. Incorporating animated storytelling within a video marketing strategy could be tricky. However, all you need is a little out-of-the-box thinking. You will discover how this video format can do amazing things for your business.