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Amazing types of leather weekend bags

Whether you are going for a trip, air travel, business trip and even to the gym, leather duffel bag is absolutely the best idea you can have with you. This bag is not restricted to any gender. Men and women both can take this bag with them as it is quite fashionable, comfortable and luxurious as well. It is because of the fibers that are mixed with the good-material leather.

Not all leather bags contain the same manufacturing elements and are not created equally. You just need to buy the right one. Otherwise, your bag will end up with the cracked or teared leather under six months after the purchase. It is possible that the stitching of the bag will start to look like undone which may result the rust in the hardware.

What kind of leather should be used in leather weekend bag?

When you go to purchase any leather thing including a leather weekend bag, make sure that it is made up of full grain leather. Full grain leather is really a very good and reliable material. Even if you have used it for many months, it will still look appealing because of the developed attractive patina. This mean that the longer you use it, the more its patina will become attractive. Lower grade leather material does not have such a great quality. Other than full grain leather bag, split leather or bonded leather can also be used as they are also very reliable. But bonded leather bags are absolutely not a good option as this type of leather is good to be used in furniture and accessories.

Types of leather weekend bag:

When you go for a weekend, you should have a good leather weekend bag in which your goods can be protected and should be very easy to carry and be very attractive as well. Leather duffel bag is definitely a very good option and it has many types that are given below.

  • Polare genuine leather weekender duffel bag has two side pockets with the 2 big zippered pockets.
  • Leathario genuine leather overnight travel duffel bag is a multi-functional bag. It can be carried by hand or even over the shoulder.
  • Polare full grain leather duffel bag gives one-year reliable warranty.
  • Leather 21inch vintage duffel bag has a quality of being free from the chemicals and dyes.
  • Newhey waterproof leather duffel bag is a water-resistant bag.