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Complete Guide: Using Reverse Image Search for Investigations

Reverse Image Search

Using Google images for finding the desired image after entering specific terms in the search engines is the method we all had been following for several years. But searching for a picture in this way is becoming obsolete due to some limitations we face with it. And the next big thing that is helping us in finding out the exact images we are looking for is known as reverse image search. If you are unaware of this amazing service, then you can think of it as an image search engine. In a search engine, you have to put in some terms or keywords for finding relevant information. Similarly, in the image search engine, you can put in the picture, and as a result, it will display similar images available on the internet.

You might be thinking about what benefit it would be to search using images as you already have it. Well, its advantages are beyond your imagination, and if you are unaware of them, then let’s have a look at some of them.

Investigation with Reverse Photo Lookup aka Reverse Image Search

The rise in social media popularity has become beneficial for many people. But, at the same time, it has created many troubles among the users. The fake profiles issue is at its peak, and many people try to harass people by using their images and other personal information on social media accounts. Some people do it for fun, and others do it as revenge for the grudge they’ve been holding. But, for both cases, it’s completely illegal, unethical, and unacceptable as it is polluting the social environment.

The reverse image tool has brought some relief for people, as with the help of this tool, fake profiles can be identified easily. If you have come across any profile, and you want to confirm whether it’s an original one or fake, then using this utility is the best option. After finding fake profiles with a reverse image tool, you can report them and ask your friends to do the same, as it will result in the removal of such accounts.

Find out Copycats

Millions of images are being posted each day all over the internet. And if you run a website and have a design team that comes up with original images, then you wouldn’t like it being replicated and used on other sites without your consent. Since there are billions of websites, you can’t check each one of them manually to find out if they have used your image or not. Hence, in this scenario, the reverse image brings a handy solution as it can let you know each website that contains your image.

By investing in such copycats, you can claim copyright infringement that can result in taking down those websites. Or, as an alternative, you can ask the website owner to provide a backlink to your site if he/she wants to continue using your image. It will enhance your SEO that is crucial for getting organic traffic from search engines.

Best Reverse Image Tool for Investigations

Now, as you know, reverse picture search is beneficial for investigations; the next thing you should do is find the best one. There are hundreds of free and paid tools available on the internet that provide reverse photos lookup service. But, not all of them are the right choice as some can waste your time or misuse your entered data.

But, you shouldn’t worry as some websites provide a superb reverse image search facility. The Reverse photo lookup website is 100% secure and free of cost. You can reverse search as many images as you want without facing any hassle.

The three top search engines provide us with a reverse image search option, which includes Google, Bing, and Yandex. You might wish to search using images on all three of them, but it will waste your time as you will have to open and upload images individually. On the other hand, using a reverse image tool is the best option as it displays results from all three image search engines.

 Benefits of Reverse Image Search

The top benefits of reverse photo lookup are as follows:

  • It helps you identify the source of the image
  • You can find out relevant information about the unknown person or object with this tool.
  • It can assist you in catching catfishers.
  • You can get better quality or different size images.

That’s it!

Reverse image search will help you in several ways, but investigating and catching fraud is the best use of it. Any person who is copying your site’s images or running a fake social account can be caught easily with the help of a reverse photo lookup tool. In the end, the choice is yours, whether you want to use any specific image search engine or a tool from a well-known website.