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Machine learning is the key to the future!

Machine learning

This is something new and something discussed.  What is at the top of hot discussions, as well as what is updated every day. We’re talking about Machine Learning.  After all, this is something that is being introduced into life and processes inexorably quickly.  Are there generally those who still do not know what it is?

Of course, if you follow the progress, you will quickly and accurately define these two words, which make up the phrase.

But if you are still at that stage when python is still a species of a snake, and robots live in a transcendental future, then we will introduce a little terminology into our discussion.

So, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which machines (computers, robots, various systems) are trained to perform assigned tasks like humans. The advantage of this is that the machine can do everything incredibly quickly.  Whether it’s data processing or getting analytics.

In short, the point is that the system finds patterns in the flow of informational volume.  In addition to this, the result is important, that is, the system must find the best and optimal solution.

By the way, an interesting fact. There are some three stages that are conventionally created for the introduction of ML into our lives.

Sensation Innovation

Something new and something inaccessible began to penetrate into public life.  New technologies!  Artificial Intelligence!  This is something incomprehensible only available to giants in the global market.

  • Second stage

You are an IT savvy guy.  All sorts of newfangled functions are already available to you. You have a set of knowledge and you know what and where to apply.

  • Third stage

A simple life is no longer a life without innovations.  Even a schoolboy who is in first grade knows how to apply new technologies and people who had no idea how to turn on the TV before are already enjoying the benefits of artificial intelligence

Where are we now? Probably somewhere between the second and third stages.

So now let’s delve into more important knowledge.

Areas in which machine learning is used

Of course, soon robots will do everything for us. For example, to dig potatoes in the garden and  to write a complex program for the programmer.

  • Nowadays machine learning is very relevant in marketing.  Let me give you a simple example.  You googled the vacuum cleaner because suddenly the inspiration came to renew the old one.  And then you notice that very often vacuum cleaners and all kinds of proposals related to them begin to appear on the open spaces of your phone.Oh yeah, your vacuum cleaner and you are not controlled by the FBI, but this is simply the result of machine learning. Similarly, recommendations in social networks also work.
  • The security sphere is also endowed with ML functions. Facial recognition is a direct result of machine learning. God forbid you have committed a crime. And the subway camera scanned your face.  Wow, in general, your photo is also in the wanted database.  The similarity is noticed, moreover, the percentage of similarity is extremely high. Hurry up, police-mans  are going to check your documents.

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