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7 Jewelry Hacks for Finding Your Perfect Accessory

With so much choice out there, it can often feel like an impossible task to find the perfect statement piece or jewelry accessory. Fortunately, here are 7 hacks to make the process a lot easier!

1. Think About Wearability

Certain jewelry items look stunning in store, but are you ever going to wear them? You need to be sure that you can think of an occasion to wear any item you’re considering. Some items may simply be too extravagant, and if you hardly attend any formal occasions, you’ll have limited wearability and therefore a wasted purchase.

Simpler accessory items can offer more opportunities to be worn on a regular basis.

2. Think About Occasions

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for a particular occasion? If so, you will need to have this occasion in mind when shopping. Consider the rest of the outfit you have planned, and the tone of the occasion. It’s a good idea to choose your occasion outfit first so that you can best match the right accessory.

3. Look for Saving Opportunities

Jewelry can get expensive, but what if you find the perfect piece which is a little out of your budget? This is where savings coupons can be a significant help, like using a Macys coupon for jewelry. This way, you can still stay within budget.

4. Consider Your Wardrobe When It Comes to Choosing Color

Certain jewelry items will look beautiful on their own, with bold gem colors or bright design. However, when searching for a more colorful accessory (such as a particular gem stone), you should think about the rest of your wardrobe. If you normally wear plainer patterns and colors, like black

or white, then any color jewelry should be a great fit.

Yet, if your wardrobe is packed with bright colors and bold patterns, then plainer jewelry without a colored stone may be a safer and better-matched choice for jewelry you can easily wear.

5. Think About the Clothes You’re Most Likely to Wear

What kind of style do you usually go for, in terms of sleeve and neckline? This is important to consider in order to best match accessory items to your outfits. If you usually wear long sleeves and high necklines, then earrings or rings may be a better choice. If you’re a fan of short sleeves and plunging necklines, then bracelets and necklaces can best match your style.

6. Focal Piece or Matching Accessories?

Think about whether you want one bold statement piece you can wear as the key point of many outfits, or whether you want to split your budget into smaller and simpler pieces which can be combined for an overall look. This will help you to understand what you’re searching for.

7. Be Consistent with Metal Color

As a final thought, try to be consistent with silver, gold or rose gold for all accessories within one outfit. Jewelry looks sleeker and more stylish if it matches. Mixing and matching gemstone color can work, but it creates a better effect if all metal color is the same.