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13 Facts About Homemade Guns in The USA

homemade guns usa

For centuries, people in the United States have been building their guns. U.S. constitutional history and tradition support this practice and legally recognize that the Second Amendment allows the right to bear firearms. But the law is even more relaxed regarding owning handmade guns. However, you will require a license to distribute or sell a homemade gun in the USA. If you are a gun enthusiast and want to build a firearm using how-to tutorials, you can find everything you need to build your next firearm at 80% Arms. This article will discover thirteen facts about homemade guns that make them unique and fun to own.

Fact # 1

The U.S. government does not regulate homemade guns. The receiver, where the serial number goes, is the only regulated part of the gun.

Fact # 2

Ever Town formally submitted a revised definition of “fireworks frames and receivers” to the ATF in December 2019, which would re-establish regulation on homemade guns.

Fact # 3

A homemade gun has three distinct characteristics: it is non-serialized and unrecognizable, and its components are obtained without a background check.

Fact # 4

According to activists and law enforcement officials, 68% of Internet dealers began selling after 2014 with kits costing almost half the price of their manufactured firearms.

Fact # 5

Research has shown that at least one vendor in 26 states across the United States sells spare parts needed for handmade guns.

Fact # 6

According to research, the top five YouTube instructional videos about homemade guns have been viewed more than 3 million times.

Fact # 7

Unlike other weapons made by genuine manufacturers, homemade guns are deliberately designed and sold because they require very little technical skill, time, and effort.

Fact # 8

The state legislature is responsible for regulating key components of homemade guns, but the ATF denies legislation that would prevent their proliferation.

Fact # 9

Homemade guns are becoming increasingly popular among those prohibited from carrying guns. However, stricter laws are in place to tackle unfavorable scenarios.

Fact # 10

More than a third of the 80 Internet gun dealers have been selling only homemade gun blocks for the past five years.

Fact # 11

According to research, 68% of the building blocks for homemade guns were sold between January 2015 and May 2020.

Fact # 12

The ATF has discovered that 30% of the weapons seized in California do not have a serial number, making it difficult for law enforcement to trace them.

Fact # 13

Research has found that the AR-15 is used for homemade guns and can be purchased at a minimum of $345.


The thirteen facts about homemade guns are collected from scientific, governmental, and press publications. Each state in the United States has its gun regulations, ranging from stand-by-ground laws to the freedom to carry concealed weapons.