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How to Find Your Dream Property Manager In 2022

how to hire property manager

You could have moved to your small house when things were way more challenging for you, and your dreams were smaller. But as time goes on, you discover your specifications and taste in your house has changed. You now want a better, modernized, and homier, and more artistic feel to your home. These can often get confusing, especially if you don’t want to leave that house for a bigger one and all you want to do is change the entire outlook of the house. With these goals in mind, you surely need a good property manager to help manage your home’s turnaround to a dream property. The tips below will surely guide you along the way to your dream property.

Get a good manager through referrals

One of the best ways to know if someone’s service is good is through their customer’s satisfaction and words about their services. Sourcing for a property manager is hard, but when you get your manager through referrals, it saves the stress of building trust for the manager and his/her ideas. The confidence from the customer who referred you is indirectly transferred to you, and this gives you the peace of mind that the person you are hiring has the right attitude for the work.

Also, your property’s volume determines the kind of manager you should get. You should ask for previous works from the property manager and decide whether they can work well with your property’s size.

The mindset of your property manager

Even with the right referrals and talents, your manager’s mindset is the catapult that elevates your dream house from level zero to one. A good property manager has the investors’ mindset. He sees your dream property as an investment and places him on the path of building your dream house to the assets’ standards in his head. With this mindset, he sees more than you see. He evaluates the property, works on the remodeling, and even saves you lots of time and money. When selecting your property manager, you should do the selection process personally to see who could see the vision of the new home that you have in mind. Try to oversee the remodeling, too, because, in the end, it is your investment.

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Hire a professional for the remodeling

Rather than hiring everyone who would work on the remodeling yourself and giving out the jobs to sidekicks who may even be less than qualified, it would be better to hire general contractors who can oversee your remodeling as a whole. Not only do these sets of people get selected and qualified artisans that would work at each stage of remodeling, but they also get the job done faster and quicker. They are also insured. They do everything and help you avoid the stress of meeting different people at different stages of remodeling. All they need is the idea of what you want in your dream house, and they immediately get the professionals that can handle the aspect. They work with a group of highly skilled professionals who depend on them for jobs.

Also, they likely see holes and flops in ideas and plans. Since they are insured, you don’t even have to bother if something goes wrong. They have also licensed, so this gifts you a safer risk. They can also help you in getting loans.

Use of natural beautification ideas

When you are trying to save professional help costs, the best way is to remodel your house yourself. You could start with getting simple artworks, providing more space by tearing down some walls and adding new space to the home. One way to go about this is to use LED grow lights to grow plants in your dream property’s interior. These LED grow lights are used to grow many plants as they produce green and healthy seedlings. They provide the right amount of sunlight through the spectrum of light. They are very efficient, they don’t contribute to greenhouse gases, and are great for plants.

Finally, your home can reflect the idea of your dream property, no matter how hard it is. You could spend forever making changes in the house. Cut yourself some slacks and accept that you have all the time in the world to turn your ordinary home into your dream property. Have fun while at it.

What are the responsibilities of property managers?

Getting a property manager might be the best step to take for your properties,  as it will ease you with unnecessary stress. Property managers have their responsibilities and duties, so hiring one will bring you comfort and relaxation over your properties.

Property managers are good at filling vacant properties with good tenants. Most property managers have links and connections that will help you get good tenants to fill your vacant properties. They will bring tenants with a good reputation, and these tenants will pay their rents promptly without any tussle.

Property managers will also help you advertise your property effectively. Property managers are your best bets if you want to advertise your properties. They have the needed resources to help you get your properties to the ears of potential tenants.

Property managers will also help you collect your rent appropriately. Without a property manager, you might not find it challenging to collect your tenants’ rent as some might want to act funny. Your property manager will make sure no tenant owes rent, and you get your rent when due. They have experience and skills to help them in the coordination and organization of housing and rental activities.

Property managers take care of residential issues and resolve them, leaving you with no stress or troubles. They also help in the daily maintenance of your properties, making sure you record no loss but profits all around the year. They also know how to coordinate and organize tenants when there is a need for minor renovations.

Having a property manager will reduce your worries. When tenants have problems, they meet the property manager while they leave you alone in peace. Without a property manager, you will have to face the troubles of the tenants alone.

You can also save yourself the stress of community issues with a property manager. You only have to entrust your property to your property manager, and he/she will handle residents and community management issues.

Your property manager will screen prospective tenants before accepting them. This screening will ensure that your tenants have sound potential. It will help you in choosing tenants that will be able to pay their rents promptly. It will also help you to h ave the right people on your property.

The property manager also oversees the affairs and management of your property. They set up and manage your property while monitoring the move-ins and move-outs of tenants. Property managers will give you the best service as they oversee and manage your properties.

How Much Do Property Managers Make?

The amount of money property managers earn varies depending on their agreement with the property owner. Typically, property managers charge half to a month’s full rent for advertising and getting a tenant to fill up vacant properties. The amount of tenants they get determines how much they will make.

As the agreement and contract proceed, they charge 7% to 10% of the rent collected. Some will also demand an up-charge for maintenance on items. The amount they make varies with the number of clients they have.

Tips for Hiring Your Dream Property Manager

When hiring a property manager, certain tips will help in the selection process, and they are:

  1. Recruit using LinkedIn and online job boards

One potential media to get a property manager is to see their qualifications and get every necessary detail. You can hire a property manager using LinkedIn. You can also get their profiles from online job boards. Searching on LinkedIn and online job boards will allow you to compare several property managers before making your pick.

  1. Ask for referrals from your property management network

Referrals are one efficient means of getting a professional property manager. Check up on friends or property management networks and ask them to refer property managers to you. Managers with high referrals mean people can vouch for them and are very efficient with their jobs.

  1. Outline the job’s requirements and expectations

Laying out the job’s requirements and expectations will help you make the right choice. Managers that do not meet the requirements are not up to the job, and you scrap them out. It will help you get the best man for the job.

  1. Inquire about the experience with property management software

Experience is an essential factor to look into before hiring a property manager. The property manager you want to hire should have enough knowledge and experience with management software.

  1. Ask how the candidate advertises and fills vacant units

You also have to ask how the manager advertises and gets vacant properties filled. Check if he has a good strategy for advertising and getting tenants. If he has what he takes, you can give him a try by hiring him. You can ask the candidate the following questions.

  • Where do you (as a property manager) advertise vacant houses?
  • What type of signs do these prospects place on the property front?
  • Do these candidates advertise on websites, newspapers, at nearby schools and colleges?
  • How many vacancies do they have at the moment?
  • What is the average length of time they will take for placing a tenant?
  • What type of vacancies do these property managers have currently? For instance, if you possess a 2-bedroom condominium and this prospective property manager specializes in multiple-family homes, they might not be aware of how to target specific demographics for searching for their tenants.

Sometimes this property manager may have a website. If so, take a careful look at it. Find out your opinions about the site.

  • Are you impressed by the appearance and features offered on the website?
  • Is it straightforward to find the list of rentals as a prospective tenant?
  • Can you log in to this website online for viewing your account and its statements as an owner?
  1. Prepare questions on residents and community management

You can provide questions to ask property managers to test their knowledge of residents and community management. It will help you to determine the level of professionalism of the manager you intend on hiring.

  1. Check for licenses and certifications.

You also have to check the certification and license of the property manager before hiring. Only pick the one with the standard certification.

  1. Verify candidate’s qualifications with reference check and interview multiple candidates

Also, make sure you verify every candidate with a reference check and ensure you interview multiple candidates. It will help you have more choices to select. It will also guide you in going for the best.

  1. Discuss and negotiate terms of the contract with the prospect

You may read through the agreement between owner and property manager and be sure to look out for this info.

  1. Who is the important contact and what is his info? Ensure that you can communicate with the prospective property manager by using different means such as email and phone.
  2. How much is he going to charge you for his services? Ensure that both the leasing fee and monthly fee for the placement of a tenant are well-documented. Is this fee less than the average fee charged by other property managers in your locality? You need to be aware that if these fees are too high or too low it is an indication that this property manager is not sufficiently experienced or is just too good to be real.
  3. How many days advance notice is this person going to need for terminating your relationship? In case you are not satisfied with the services offered by this property manager it is significant that you have the option of terminating their services at one or two months’ notice. This period will provide you sufficient time for finding a new replacement.
  4. How do you intend to handle repair and maintenance activities? For instance, are you going to outsource the repair work, and is the property manager going to charge you a percentile on top of your repair cost? Is the prospective property manager going to need a retainer for emergency repair and if so how much? Are they going to call you only if this repair cost gets larger than their retainer and are you fine with it?
  5. When can you expect to get the rent from your tenant every month? Is there an alternative to direct deposit available? Or, are you going to get a check in your mail?
  6. Who is going to be responsible for holding the security deposit provided by your tenant, you, or the property manager?
  7. If such a case arises how is this property manager going to deal with a delinquent tenant? What are the proceedings used by them for eviction? Ask the prospect to describe this process in detail.
  1. Review the tenant lease agreement used by this property manager

Ask the prospect these questions regarding the tenant lease agreement.

  1. How much security deposit will be required from a tenant?
  2. What should be the monthly rent and how long are you going to stick to these lease terms in months and years? You can inquire with the property manager about how they came up with a specific rent amount and also ask for comparisons. You also need to perform your research over Craigslist and other similar websites to make sure that the rent this property manager is quoting is on par with other rentals offered in the same locality. Although you will be looking for a good amount for your home, if this property manager charges too much the place may sit out empty for some time.
  3. How are you going to handle late rents? Is the procedure for this eventuality mentioned and does the tenant get to understand the consequences of late payments?
  4. Ensure that the responsibilities of your tenant are clearly described. For instance, who will be responsible for maintaining the home lawn the homeowner or the tenant?
  5. What will be the consequences involved in breaking your lease?
  6. Who can the tenant get in touch with for his queries? Many times these property managers have various contacts for maintenance issues and leasing questions.


Property managers will solve a lot of problems associated with property ownership. As much as you need a property manager, you also need to hire a highly efficient professional. Follow the tips in this article to choose the best manager for your property. Also, keep in mind that finding a good property manager is never an easy task. However, if you make additional efforts at the start you are going to save several hours of headache later on. Ensure that you have performed your due diligence and you can remain confident that this property manager will reward you with risk-free investments.