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The Most Effective Strategies to Follow When Hiring New Moving Crews

The Most Effective Strategies to Follow When Hiring New Moving Crews

More often than not, finding and hiring new employees for your moving company can prove to be a difficult task. Good employees can give companies the opportunity to grow and become more successful so it’s important to know how to choose the best fit from the beginning, rather than going through an endless process of hiring – training and eventually firing personnel that is just not exactly what you had in mind.

Many novice entrepreneurs in the commercial moving field don’t really know where to start the search for a new moving crew but it can also happen that even experienced ones face some difficulty in establishing not only a recruiting strategy but also a process for hiring. If you’re amongst one of the above mentioned categories, here are the five efficient tips for recruiting and hiring candidates who will be perfectly matched with your company.

1. Understand what would be the Candidate You IdealizeThe Most Effective Strategies to Follow When Hiring New Moving Crews

What does the perfect candidate look like? It is nearly impossible to identify those attributes in candidates until and unless there is a clearer insight of what a significant employee would look like in a specific role. Point to be focused on is that it is grinding for candidates to find out if they have the those required skills for the specific job.

Whenever you decide to start recruiting movers for a specific position in your company, it’s best to start by just sitting down and making a list for yourself detailing what expectations you would have from your future employee. What qualifications are you searching for? Or maybe you are just searching for some personal traits regardless of their qualifications of experience in the commercial moving field.

Taking this first step can help you create a clear strategy right off the bat and can spare you a lot of time that would be lost interviewing people that ultimately just wouldn’t be right for the job.

2. Implicate your Team in the ProcessImplicate your Team in the Process

One might think that having involvement of more people in the process of hiring could mean more chaos, tensions and even drag out the process longer than it should be. From the necessity to coordinate schedules, waiting for days for everyone to examine resumes and go through references and reaching a consensus in regards to a decision, the procedure seems inefficient.

That may not be the case though, and actually, involving more people from your team in the hiring process can turn out to be more efficient. With the development of new technologies a cooperative hiring viewpoint seems to be more feasible. Video interviews have put back the difficulties of inconvenient physical interviews. Cloud storage enables team members of the business across the  world to contribute. And data-driven candidate tracking programs make it simple to compare top candidates rapidly and precisely.

As a result, rather than adding more heads to the process, a hiring team can provide better perspectives during the hiring process.

3. Widen your SearchThe Most Effective Strategies to Follow When Hiring New Moving Crews


It’s easy to become embroiled in an applicant pool rut. If a particular candidate has proven to be effective in the past, it seems rational to return to repeatedly. However, this limits the availability of new, potentially better choices.

However, few entities are actively working on developing alternative sources of scouting employees, both experienced or just starting out. The point is to not overlook potentially excellent candidates because you are fixating on only one recruiting method. When looking for new employees, look beyond the known mediums such as linkedin

or announcements on other job sites. Use social media, community groups, and other groups that serve youth to reach out.

Most notably, you should keep track of how efficient the candidates belonging from such alternative mediums are. Determine which alternatives are well founded over time and which provide better personnel for your needs. This will make it much easier to find and keep the efficient new employees.

4. Performance Metrics are ImportantThe Most Effective Strategies to Follow When Hiring New Moving Crews

Regardless of the position, evaluating the standard of hire is critical to make the complete hiring process refine. In general, measurements reveal which is most effective in sorting out bad hires, as well as which characteristics are common in high performers.

This is especially important for entry-level applicants. It is critical to look for characteristics that are responsible for the high performers as they grow and develop over time. Think back and ask yourself: employees who went on and became top players, did they respond to specific interview questions in a certain way? Did they go through different training? Is there something special motivating them?

With this data, the company will be able to make informed decisions when hiring entry-level as well as experienced employees. The hiring managers can predict the future success by finding out the past capabilities of the candidate.

5. Always Think Ahead

A great new hire should ideally become the member of the team for a long time period. He or she will advance through the ranks and carry on to  contribute to the organization. However, this occurs only when this individual is given the opportunity to advance professionally. It’s always important to consider employees future goals from the start and assess how their needs might change throughout time in order to keep them.

Giving new movers the proper training is also extremely important and it can also play a role in having them stay long-term. First of all, rigorous training regarding safety can prevent accidents that might bench your movers for a while, or god-forbid, have them unable to even resume their position eventually. Secondly, training your employees will boost their confidence into performing better as it will help them understand better how to do their jobs and what it’s expected of them. As they grow, they can take over training new employees thus saving you precious time next time you need to expand.

While hiring new commercial movers can sometimes be quite the dreadful task, it’s guaranteed that formulating a following a good strategy throughout the entire process can not only make things a lot easier but also deliver better results on the long run for your moving company’s success.

About the Author

Michaela Smith is the marketing director of Empire Movers, a well known commercial moving company in NYC. Their expertise in hiring and training new employees comes from their over 15 years of experience on the market.