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Ways to Take Care of Your Baby Boy After Circumcision

Baby Boy After Circumcision

After the birth of your son, the doctor tends to ask whether you want to get your baby circumcised or not.

According to the best pediatric surgeon, it is better for parents to get their son circumcised at the time of birth so that they are able to restore their normal health at a fast pace.

Circumcision is a common surgical process that is often performed by a pediatric surgeon and is a rather easy one.

In this process, the hood of the skin that mainly covers the head of the male genitalia is removed. It is commonly advertised that if you wish for your baby to have circumcision then make sure you get it done before your baby leaves the hospital.

What Is Circumcision?

For all those who are wondering about what circumcision is, let us give you an understanding, the foreskin is what is providing coverage to the penis. When you cut that part out you are exposing the penis especially its end.

This practice of circumcision is not a new one. It is an ancient practice that finds its origin in Egypt. Circumcision is a widely practiced procedure in Muslim countries because it promotes male health and advertises good hygienic practices.

Nowadays with more awareness on this issue, a number of parents are reluctant that their sons should get circumcised.

How Can You Care For Your Children After He Has Had A Circumcision

Here are some of the things that you can do for your child after he has gone through this process:

1. Make Sure To Check For After Bleeding

One of the most important things that you should check after this surgical procedure is blood stains on your baby’s diaper. The first 24 hours are highly crucial especially and thus make sure to check the diaper at regular intervals.

The presence of bloodstains which are stains is actually quite normal but if you suspect that the stains are getting large in diameter then make sure to consult with a doctor.

2. Remember To Bathe Your Child

It is important for your infant to get a proper bath after the surgical process. Make sure to give your child a soothing bath every day for a span of one week. Give time to that lubricant gauze to come off by itself if you are not allowed to remove it by yourself. On the contrary, if that gauze is not coming off on its own and you are allowed to get it removed then you can soak it in warm water during the bath.

In normal practices when the gauze falls off, the penis will look discolored and some blood stains can also appear on the skin tips.

3. The Use Of Barrier Ointment

You have to be highly careful with your child’s genitalia after the surgical procedure. If the doctor has recommended you to use any sort of ointment the best one is often petroleum jelly.

Then you can use this after you have given your child a bath and after every diaper change. You have to repeat this procedure until the penis is completely healed. This practice is often advertised because it keeps the male genitals from getting stuck to the diaper.

4. Do Not Allow Skin Sticking

Be highly careful with your child and its male parts because after the invasive procedure that part of your children’s body is highly sensitive. Make sure to gently keep that area in the diaper so that it does not get stuck with the diaper. This sound practice will keep the skin safe until the healing process is completed.

5. Pain Relief Only If Advised

It is common for a child to be irritated after the surgical process. They might be fussy or in pain or start to cry uncontrollably. But do not fear as all this only lasts for a few days. Most of the time the child may suffer from sleep apnea as well as from feeding issues.

Make sure to consult with your doctor and give your child some pain-relieving medications so that the symptoms can be catered for.

The Bottom Line

Circumcision is a fairly easy surgical process that is important for your child’s overall health. If you have any more queries make sure to consult a specialist.