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The 3 Essential Mods For Your Truck For Off-Roading


If you have a truck and are looking to go off-roading then you may be tempted to just jump in the truck and hit the trails and go camping. What will likely happen is that you’ll get stuck or even end up with some major damage to the truck. You have to make sure to modify your truck to be able to handle the rigors of being off-road.

There are a number of things that you can do to modify it. In fact, some people really get carried away and get all the bells and whistles and end up spending a lot of money on things they don’t actually need. It’s important to know what you need to get started so that you are able to get out and enjoy the experience. You can always add more later on. In this article, we will go over several of the essential modifications you need for your truck.

1 – Lifters and rocker protection

A lift kit is really important to have even if you think your truck can clear rocks and other obstacles on the ground. Lifting it up a foot will make a huge difference and help you avoid any damage to the undercarriage. You might need to look into some of the best running boards to be able to get into the cab easily, but you’ll be glad you have the lifter.

Rockers are also important to have so the truck can avoid tipping over. You will need to have some protection for them besides just the lifters. Make sure that they are not getting bagged against boulders or they will end up failing.

2 – The right tires

You can’t just have any old tires for your truck when you plan to go offroading. In fact, you can’t even just have general tires as even tires for off-roading can get very specific. There are different types of tires for the different terrain you are likely to be facing when you go off-road.

For instance, for driving over sandy terrain you will need tires with sidewall height that allows the tires to bulge out instead of sinking into the sand. Mud and water will require tires with a wide tread that wraps around the tire so they can be pushed away from the tire.

Look for tires that are puncture-resistant since you can be driving over some rough terrain that could pop them.

3 – A tow kit

There is no question that you will get stuck at some point when you go off-roading. Even the experts end up getting into situations that they can’t get out of. Having a tow kit is going to help you get out of many tricky spots.

You should install a winch on your truck that can attach to some straps and hooks. If you get stuck you can attach the straps to wrap around a tree or boulder and use the winch to do the heavy work to get you out.