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Canada Goes In the List of Easy Study Opportunities for Students of Developing Countries

Lavishing fields, abundant wildlife, blue lakes, high standard universities, lofty mountains, and cold winters……Canada that catch the attention of international students every year due to its magical surrounding and educational environment. Canadian government provides easy access to the study visa for developing countries but with some prerequisites. Let’s discuss the Canada student visa requirements.

Canada student visa requirements:

Although, Canada provides student Visa to many countries, but, some requirements need to be fulfilled to avail scholarship.

So, you need a temporary resident visa (RTV) and a study permit.

  • Study permit:

It is a document that allows you to study in Canada and is issued by the CIC (Citizen and immigration).

So, by having a study permit you will surely get enrolled in the course. This thing will assist you in completing your course on time and in making reasonable progress.

Electronic Travel Authorization or visitor visa go hand in hand with the study permit. But do not confuse visitor visa with study permit as both of them have different duties. A study permit allows you to get enrolled in the university or course while a Visitor visa allows you to enter the country.

Further, you will get the latest information from your counselor regarding the requirements.

  • Required documents for a study permit:

Some documents are required to apply for a study permit.

Approval letter from your institute

Authentic passport

Validation required that you can support your family or other members who are with you.

  • Other requirements:

A person should have maximum money in the account that he/she can

Pay for the tuition fees

Pay the living-expenses of the person who came with him/her or of his own family

Pay for the return ticket of his/her or the person who came with her or his/her own family.

  • Interview:

An interview session at the Canadian embassy is mandatory for which your appearance is a must.

  • Verification required

Verification is required for the purpose of whether you can support the accompanying person/your family or not. For this purpose, you need to provide a few documents.

Your Canadian Bank account details in which the money has deposited/transferred

Loan documents that you took from any educational institute

Statement of bank

Convertible currency bank draft

Tuition fee and residency payment proof

Letter from the person or institute who is providing you funds

Enrollment proof from the Canadian educational institute in the case of scholarship.

  • English language:

To get the visa of Canada, you must have proficiency in the English language. Because this is a must requirement and that needs to be fulfilled. For this, you need to pass IELTS (International English Language Testing System) that is the world’s famous test.

Online application of visa:

In this advanced technological arena, you can apply for the visa by just visiting the official site of CIC. A time of three months has been given, to individuals before the traveling date. Furthermore, your application date is when you pay your application fee that date is counted as your application date.


In a nutshell, to get enrolled in the Canadian University or to get the visiting visa, you need to fulfill some requirements. Without them, you will not be able to enter Canada.