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Wear the best hat with your designer suit – The seven popular hat types to choose from

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If you are planning to wear a stylish suit, you need to sport a smart hat. And when you have the best hat, it can add elegance to your look. So, have you been thinking about the type of hats you can sport with your designer suit? If yes, then this article can help you. Here we will focus on the trendiest and classy hat styles to pair with your formal attire and suits.

1. Fedora

This hat style has been popular since the start of the late 19th century. The fedora hat comes with an indented, pinched crown and a soft brim. You can find this hat available in the majority of materials, such as straw and high-end wool. Owing to high demand today, you can also get this hat in various colours and styles that make it apt for matching and mixing with any formal wear. Today, you can browse through the fedoras in wool felt in different colours to pair it with your suit.

2. Derby or bowler

The bowler hat is both famous and stylish! The bowlers gained prominence in American Old West and have been a vital fashion staple in the hat world. If you are planning to sport a bowler hat with a classy suit, it will make you appear sharp and classy and add an element of intrigue to you. Today, you can avail of this hat from the expert and reputed hat makers specializing in big hats and other stylish variants. They can provide you with a hat collection that will enable you to make the correct choice.

3. Trilby

The hat you opt-in for accessorizing your suit will reflect your personality. If you want to sport a bohemian and fun vibe with a dapper suit, then the trilby will be the best hat for you. At times, some people confuse the trilby hat with a fedora. However, the trilby has a smaller crown indentation and shorter brim. If you are wearing a classy suit, the trilby hats can add the required jazz to your outfit. It will help you stand apart from the crowd and help you sport a style that is unique to you.

4. Homburg

If you opt-in for this hat, you have an eclectic choice. As the name suggests, these hats belong to Bad Homburg, Germany, where Edward VII embraced this style. The hat was sustained across several generations owing to its excellent style. It comes with a grosgrain hatband, one dent in the middle, and an accented trim along the hat brim. It can be a striking accessory that can help you to look your best on any formal occasion. And it will add a certain character to your formal style.

5. Pork pie

This hat style has elaborate history, and it has a huge impact on the entertainment industry as well. Media personalities like Buster Keaton from the 1920s to Bryan Cranston’s essaying Walter White, this hat has become very popular amongst the new-age style-conscious men. The hat comes with a short brim and a flat crown, providing a sleek and sharp look that matches well with a suit. If you want to add an elegant element to your look, this is the hat you should opt-in for. The hat gets made from high-end wool and is available in attractive colours that can match your outfit.

6. Panama

Simply put, the straw and Panama hats have more to offer than being a casual beachwear accessory. And today, you will come across the high-end Panama straw hats online that are lightweight, breathable, and can inspire you to sport a classic style. One of the best aspects of this hat is that it can adapt to various dyes, and because of which it is available in myriad colours that can match any designer suit. So, whether you want pastel or a dark-shaded Panama hat, you have the option to browse online and get the one that you need.

7. Boater

You will not hear many people pairing their boater hat with a formal suit. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t opt-in for this combination. The boater hat sports a conventional style with its stiff, short brim and flat top. It helps most men to look dapper and sharper. No one can forget the way Dick Van Dyke essayed Bert in Marry Poppins in 1964. You could see Bert wearing a vibrant-hued pinstripe blazer, along with a straw boater and white suit pants, which gave the classic, happy-go-lucky appearance. When it comes to combinations and styling, this hat pairs up very well with pastels. So, if you are fond of wearing light-hued suits, this is one hat that you should have with you.
Men often ponder about the hats they should combine with their designer and formal suits. You can browse through the delightful hat options mentioned above and take your pick if you resonate with this.