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easy house move

Whether close or far, a move can become complicated if you let it. But, since you’re here, it’s probably safe to assume that you want your next moving venture to be super simple. Perhaps you have had a bad experience in the past. Or, maybe you’ve heard moving horror stories and want to avoid them. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because the tips being provided here are for just that, to help your move go smoothly. One of the first things you’ll need to decide ahead of moving is if you will drive your vehicle to the destination. And if not, how will it get there? Will you rent a moving truck and pull your car behind it? That is certainly a legitimate option, but don’t forget about today’s gas prices. They are pretty high, and a large truck pulling a heavy load could guzzle fuel.

Thus, you could wind up spending a lot filling up repeatedly. But there is another option that may be a better fit. A professional shipper can transport your vehicle to a particular destination, and that solution could be cheaper than the gas in the long run. But you’ll never know unless you ask. So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to ship your vehicle, contact car shipping companies to get quotes. Then, after performing other research to read testimonials/reviews, you’ll be ready to pick a reputable business to ship your ride for an affordable rate.

Make a Playlist for Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking are chores people often put off until the last minute. As such, some individuals who moved in the past may still have boxes of belongings in the garage or attic waiting to be unloaded. But if you make these tasks fun, you should be able to get them done in the blink of an eye. Now, the only question is, “How can packing and unpacking be enjoyable?”. Obviously, the solutions here could vary.

However, for these purposes, why not create packing and unpacking playlists? After playing some fresh beats throughout the house, you and other household members are sure to feel upbeat. And once the atmosphere becomes positive and optimistic, belongings will be packed up or put away in no time.

Leave the Heavy Lifting Up to Professional Movers

Another way to make a move super simple is to hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting. Just think about some of the robust objects that could need to be handled. For instance, there might be a refrigerator, couch, bed, entertainment center, and more in the mix. Trying to move those items yourself may result in you seriously hurting your neck, back, arm, or something else. So, ensure pain and discomfort don’t enter the picture by leaving the heavy lifting up to a moving company. It will have the labor force to move your things and keep you safely out of harm’s way.

Go With Small Boxes

Are you going with a DIY approach to your move? That is fine if that’s the case, but you may want to use smaller boxes when you can. Sometimes, you won’t be able to help it and will have to use a large box. However, using smaller containers as necessary can make your life easier in various ways. For one, the boxes won’t get overloaded. In turn, they’ll be lightweight, easy to manage, and hopefully, you won’t overwork yourself.

In addition, smaller boxes can be filled and unpacked rather quickly. Therefore, by choosing them, you’ll promptly get a sense of self-accomplishment each time you pack or empty a box. Not to mention, smaller containers tend to be sturdier than large boxes. Hence, by using them, with any luck, their bottoms won’t always fall out as they’re getting moved.

Be Thrifty When It Comes to Packaging Materials

A moving budget can get out of hand quickly. After all, people have to spend money on boxes, movers, truck/trailer rentals, and more. That’s why you need to make an effort to cut down on expenses. One way to do that is by seeking out free packaging materials. For example, you can probably get all of the boxes you’ll need for nothing from local clothing, grocery, or warehouse stores.

Then again, you may be able to get the cartons you require online for free from a place like Craigslist. Of course, it might also be possible to get free recycled newspapers. They can be used to wrap and protect ceramics, dishes, and other breakable items.

Don’t Be Afraid to Downsize

If you want a super simple move, consider getting rid of some stuff. You can hold a garage, yard, or estate sale if you wish to pocket cash. Or, how about giving to the less fortunate? If you are all about helping your fellow man, woman, or child, you can provide various items like clothing, furniture, and electronics to charity. Aside from that being the right thing to do, you might even be able to write the donation off on your taxes, making the situation a win-win for everyone. Then, with fewer belongings to transport from location to location, the move will be easy.

These Last Thoughts

Moving can be an extremely taxing and challenging activity. That’s why most people don’t look forward to these endeavors. However, thanks to tips like these that make it easy to move, your perception of moving could change.