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Managed testing services: what are the essence and features?

The term “managed testing” (or independent testing) itself appeared in our open spaces relatively recently. In fact, this is a simple outsourcing format when performing any type of testing: functional, non-functional, integration using automated or manual execution methods. Check is possible in practice.

The service involves the involvement of an external team for software testing in addition to full-time specialists or a development team. Moreover, in most cases, independent experts work in parallel with developers and, accordingly, perform other tasks.

The essence of independent testing is to separate the development team from the quality control group. This approach increases the efficiency of the work of testers, which significantly minimizes the risks of losses that may result from the release of a product with system errors.

Independent testers have specialized experience and practice a professional approach. The ability to behave independently, apply different methodologies and look at the issue from the outside, increases the chances of an independent team to produce truly objective testing, taking into account the set requirements in various program conditions.

When is it appropriate to use independent testing?

In most cases, an independent team is required when developing a large-scale project. The product life cycle includes a long chain of events and scenarios with the need for constant adjustments. The reasons for the need for outside help can be very different:

  • The company does not have relevant experience in software testing.
  • The team lacks QA engineers and the owner would like to strengthen the group with new staff.
  • Financial opportunities do not allow the entrepreneur to hire and retain full-time testers.
  • There are manual testers in the project, but for automated processes it is required to develop appropriate scripts.

Of course, the list of needs can be much longer, depending on the scale and specific conditions of the particular situation. In any case, the market for outsourcing testing companies allows you to select the optimal team to perform large-scale business tasks and for simple consulting. You can also read the information on the site: https://u-tor.com/


Benefits of Independent Testing

Almost every IT entrepreneur knows the advantages of outsourcing format. The active phase of outsourcing development is called the middle of 2010, when the first prototypes of social networks began to appear. In a large-scale project, it is easier and faster to attract a team on the side than to educate personnel on your own. In addition, the difference in pay per hour between the US and the CIS countries varies significantly, so it is much cheaper to hire an employee from the Russian-speaking zone.

There are several benefits to working with an independent team:

  • Reduction of terms. With a tight deadline, there is simply no way to waste time on practice. It is easier and faster to involve a third-party team and, as a result, reduce production time.
  • Opportunity to attract new solutions and technologies. A team with specialized experience will better cope with the task, and full-time employees will be able to increase their experience and skills in a highly specialized niche.
  • Opportunity to focus on conceptual issues. By redirecting the testing task to an external team, developers can spend time on more important development issues that require experience in a given product niche.
  • Online scalability. The outsourced agency has connections with specialized specialists around the world. If necessary, the contractor can strengthen his team or attract the necessary resources.

The shortage of experienced personnel, changes in the software environment, stringent requirements, high rates of development are increasingly making us think about attracting an independent team to the project. It is for this reason that atypical solutions become relevant and in demand, both for the development process and for the software testing procedure.