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5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Cybersecurity

Pursue a Career in Cybersecurity

If you have a passion for technology and communications, then working within the IT sector might be a path you have chosen to pursue. However, like any industry, there are always many different routes you can follow in choosing an area to specialize in. Although there are many exciting and interesting off-shoots to explore in IT, below are 5 reasons you might want to consider focusing on cybersecurity.

In Demand

Individuals and businesses both need to have peace of mind that their information is kept safe when they are using online platforms and other software. Cybersecurity professionals can offer them this. A lot of jobs might be in demand, but for IT roles, and cybersecurity, in particular, this demand is not going to ease any time soon. Therefore, finding employment should be relatively easy, provided you have the right credentials.

Work Anywhere in the World

Cybersecurity Work from Anywhere in world

Another perk of working in cybersecurity is that it is a role that can be done anywhere in the world. While language barriers might be a hurdle you will need to overcome, businesses will need cybersecurity experts everywhere. Even if you haven’t thought about moving abroad or to another part of the country as part of your career, having the option to do so can be an exciting prospect.

Great Salary and Job Security

These jobs are in high demand, but they can also offer you excellent salaries and job security – two things that are desirable for jobseekers and employees. You want to know that you can live comfortably and that your job won’t vanish and leave you struggling to get new employment, and a role in cybersecurity can certainly provide this for you. Starting salaries average at $116,339 in 2022

, with some of the highest-paying positions in this sector earning up to $162,803.

An Opportunity to Challenge Yourself

cybersecurity skills

If you want a job in IT, you will need to have the relevant qualifications to do so, including an undergraduate college degree in this subject. This is a great place to start, but if you do want to specialize in cybersecurity, you should think about enrolling in a course that focuses more intensively on this part of the IT sector. You can choose to do this full-time or enroll in a part-time course and work alongside your study. A good example of a course that will help put you in a great position for leadership roles in cybersecurity is this program for executive cybersecurity training. Pushing yourself to achieve a degree even at the undergraduate level is an excellent challenge, but taking on ever further training will help you to develop your skills and personal development even more so.

You Are Providing an Essential Service

As mentioned previously, people all over the world need cybersecurity measures to keep their private information safe. If this data fell into the wrong hands, it could have devastating consequences for businesses and individuals. Whether that is loss of finances or having personal correspondence and other information shared with people they do not know, which could even result in a physical threat in some circumstances. Working in cybersecurity, you will be providing an essential service, which is something that you can be proud of.

If you are interested in working within the IT sector, consider pursuing cybersecurity as a specialty for all the reasons listed above.