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How to Give Back to Staff and Show Appreciation?

How to give back to staff and show appreciation

While Staff Appreciation Day (yes, it’s an actual day) isn’t till March 2022, there is always an opportunity to give back to your staff and show just how much you appreciate all their hard work. And, after such an up-in-the-air year, there’s no better time to reward them for sticking it out and staying motivated.

Showing you appreciate your staff can significantly reduce employee turnover—ultimately saving you a lot of time and money. And yet, the number of businesses taking the time to truly reward or thank staff is still low.
When it comes to the point where employees are considering leaving their current role, 50% said they’d be willing to stay if they felt their efforts were actually recognized. So, to help you get started, here are five ways to give back to staff and show just how much you appreciate them.

Celebrate Birthd ays

Who doesn’t love a birthday buffet? Whether you collect a donation from other staff to get employees a card or gift, or simply bring in food for a tasty group lunch, making birthdays that little bit more special will go a long way.

celebrate birthdays of employees

Some businesses now even offer staff an additional paid day’s holiday to use on their birthday each year. But if you’re going to make them come in, the least you can do is make it fun and special.

Reward them with Sweet Treats

Because why not? Corporate chocolate gifts are a great little mid-week treat as just a little “thank you, keep going.” Bring a new level of competitiveness to the employee of the month award by presenting the winner with a box of chocolates.

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Appreciation

The journey to a positive working environment isn’t just down to you as a manager. Encouraging peers to show appreciation will certainly add to the overall day-to-day mood. Allow staff to nominate people for a special prize each month; or give each member of staff the option to choose a treat for someone who has helped them out. This proactive approach to rewarding staff will make the workplace happier for everyone, while also incentivizing productivity.


A bottle of wine is always a go-to gift for the employee of the month or when gifting staff at Christmas. But how many of your team actually like it?

Listen to Employees

Showing your appreciation shouldn’t just be a materialistic token; it should show you’ve taken a particular interest in the work your team is doing. That’s why listening is such an important part of showing appreciation. Not only do staff feel better when listened to, it’ll also give you the chance to reward them with a gift that they’ll actually like.


While birthday treats and employee of the month can become routine, spontaneous good deeds or rewards will always be exciting. Paying for pizza Fridays or planning a fun, team building activity on a random Tuesday afternoon can truly break up the working week and make the workplace a better place to be. 

Showing staff they’re appreciated isn’t hard, but it does take a little forward thinking. Be sure to keep the above advice in mind when preparing for the next Staff Appreciation Day.